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Thread: Banded steels ?

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    2nd Gear Bking Rob's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    Banded steels ?

    Is there anywhere local that will band your original steels . Sick of messers on eBay !! Just wanna take in originals , band em ,collect and go home .

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    Re: Banded steels ?

    Can't help you with that Rob, but if you do find someone, can ask if they do center bore resizing, i have some steels that need the bore opening up about 10mm

  3. 1990 Scooby powered T3 My Daily + 15 Polo Wife's Daily - Need any welding Drop me a MP

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    Re: Banded steels ?

    [MENTION=5]BVR Dave[/MENTION] had his done for the Amarok... might be worth him posting a link up here

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    Banded steels ?

    I used bandedsteels.com and although they did a good job of the wheels the communication, getting them dropped off etc was very unprofessional.

    Pretty much arranged by text message as the guy never answered his phone, meeting up to drop them with him, and then not getting them done when promised. Chased an invoice for 6 months but gave up in the end.

    The wheels were excellent though and stood up to heavy off roading in a 2.5t vehicle.

    There's definitely a gap in the market for a professional outfit banding steels.

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    2nd Gear Bking Rob's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2012

    Re: Banded steels ?

    Too right mate , nightmare trying to get them done locally :-(

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