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Thread: Dub Mainia 2012

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    Dub Mainia 2012

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    any club stand for this if so put me down

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    Member dubway-rick's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    never done this one but im up for it

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    nice show this one, showed my black polo there before will be up for this

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    Not sure about this one - will be a short notice thing. Went this year but was a long way to go for what is a quiet and small show. Would be good if few mates going though.
    Post whore status: Winding up

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    Jon as i booked the Staffs VW stand last year i have recieved our booking form through the post today, i dont mind booking again this year? just sending the form off with a final number of stand passes needed?

    I'll be attending along with all the lads i went down with last year.

    1. Stav
    2. Dunnie
    3. Jakegal
    4. S Ibiza
    5. Edgeyson
    6. J33CKT

    Anyone Else?

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    Already in contact with them matey for the club stand...

    So far we have

    George - possible

    And yourself.

    Still have a few unanswered questions form last years show? But you've not been on the site since August last year to answer them..

    Like what were the incidents you posted about and who was the other 15 people on the club stand with you ? As the few photos you linked to were just taken of 3 cars parked up? As I was only aware of Sean and buckers attending he show on the day...

    You've given a list of your friends above yet no one even knows who they are except you?

    going by this photo and the club parked directly behind you the "AC" none of the cars are even part of our club... as its all people who are part of PVC & AC....

    People on the club stand are representing this club, so we have to be aware that the shows organisers will always take note of things that go on. But to bring a gang of mates after telling them to join up on here so that can be part of he club stand isn't the best way of doing things... Even after joining they don't even contribute..

    If they want to be apart of the club stand lets get them and yourself involved with the club

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    Ill be going along for a look.
    will come over and grab a sticker for the car!

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    Re: Dub Mainia 2012

    1. Ricky
    2. Jon
    3. George - possible
    4. J33CKT
    5. richellis

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