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Thread: 2012 Show Dates

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    2012 Show Dates


    Autosport International: 12th-15th. http://www.autosport...nal.com/public/


    DubFreeze: 19th DubFreeze VW Show 19th February 2012


    Volksworld Show: 24th-25th The VolksWorld Show - Sandown Park, Esher, 24th and 25th March 2012
    Ultimate Dubs: 11th Welcome to Ultimate Dubs | UK's Largest VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda Show | Telford International Centre, Sunday 13th March 2011


    VW Action SW: 13th-15th VW Action - VW Shows and Events Portal
    Elemental VW: 14th http://www.elemental...k/show-info.php
    Elsecar Mega Meet: TBC
    Bus Types: 20th-22nd index
    Early Edition:22nd http://www.edition38...howtopic=408727
    GTi Spring Festival: 22nd http://www.vwaction.com/gtispring/l
    Big Bang: 27th-29th Big Bang - VW Festival / Show


    Woertherse: 16th-19th Woerthersee 2011 | Wörthersee 2011
    VanWest: 11th-13th VanWest HomePage
    All-Types: 19th & 20th Index
    Battlesbridge VW Show: 11th-13th Essex Vee Dubbers VW Club
    Dubs at the park: 20th Dubs at the Park – from London & Thames Valley VW Club
    Volksfling: 25th-27th Welcome to Volksfling Scotlands Premier VW Show


    Run to the Sun: 1st-4th Run to the Sun
    Plymouth Volksfest: 1st-5th http://www.plymouthvolksfest.co.uk/h...234d23397c2775
    Dub Mania: 2nd-3rd http://www.dubmania....ml/dm_home.html
    Bristol Volksfest: 8th-10th Home
    Deva Dub and Rods: 8th-10th Deva Dubs n Rods VW Beetle and Camper Show | Hot Rod Show
    Stoner Park: 5th http://abvwcuk.moonf...park/4556505737
    The Bus Stop Over: TBC The Bus Stop Over
    GTi International: 23rd-24th GTI International 2012
    Deutsch Connection: TBC http://www.deutschco...tion.com/forum/
    Goodwood Festival of Speed: 29th June - 1st July http://www.goodwood....estivalofspeed/


    National Mk2 Golf Owners Meet: 8th
    Bug Jam: 20th-22th Bug Jam VW Festival - VW Show with Drag Racing, Music & Comedy
    BVF: TBC http://www.britishvo...festival.co.uk/
    Camper Jam: 6th-8th Welcome to Camper Jam | Camper Jam
    Staffs-VW event - 14-15th - More details to follow
    Dubs at the Castle: 20th-22nd Dubs at the Castle | VW Show Event 20th 21st 22nd July 2012 Gates Open at 9am
    Retro Show: 1st Retro Show - Classic Car and Bike Event
    London Volksfest: TBC Untitled Document
    MIVW: TBC M.I.V.W - Men In Volkswagen
    Dub Odyssey: TBC http://www.thomaswel...woc/odyssey.htm


    Dubstock: 3rd-5th DUBSTOCK 2011
    Audis in the Park: TBC Audis in the Park - AITP home
    Polo Show: TBC prov 3rd-5th
    Gathering Off The Hill: TBC http://www.volkswiga.../gathering.html
    SVWOC Summer Show: 12th http://www.thesvwoc.org.uk/main_page..._festival.html
    VWNW: 5th Welcome to Tatton Park VW Show
    VW Festival: 17th-19th VW Festival : Fri 17th to Sun 19th August : Camping, Disco, Live Bands, Show and Shine, Traders, Auto Jumble) at Harewood House in Leeds


    VW Action: August 31st-2nd September NAS Events VW Action
    Westside VW: TBC http://www.westsidevw.co.uk/
    Edition38: August 31st-2nd September
    Vanfest: TBC Vanfest- worlds largest T2 transporter and VW camper van show
    Ultra VW: TBC http://www.ultravw.c...Bug_Boogie.aspx
    Viking Volksfest: TBC Viking Volks Fest - Home


    Oktoberfest: 5th-7th Home
    Bus Freeze: TBC BusFreeze VW Show, Stafford, 22/23 Oct. 2011
    GTi Festival: 14th Untitled Document



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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    ive booked a few holidays for these ive booked off ultimate dubs all types and nwvw

  3. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    Nice one Jon!

    Looking forward to hitting shows this year, we had to miss loads last year with Charlie being so young.

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    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    Any news on Staffs-VW show? Just planning the year out on the planner.

    June is looking busy for me (show, Moto GP, Show!)

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    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    Quote Originally Posted by BVR Dave View Post
    Any news on Staffs-VW show? Just planning the year out on the planner.

    June is looking busy for me (show, Moto GP, Show!)
    for this year it isn't going to happen, no info for one of the pieces of land I had in mind and the other the council didn't really seem interested in... Its on the back burner until next year I think to give me a little more planning... will speak to you more about it when I drop in...

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    2nd Gear Bking Rob's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    Is anyone doing Dubfreeze 2 ? Was asking Wayne if we could maybe do a club display ?

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    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    Quote Originally Posted by Bking Rob View Post
    Is anyone doing Dubfreeze 2 ? Was asking Wayne if we could maybe do a club display ?
    I went to Dubfreeze a few years back but was disapointed with what was on offer for the price... If there is enough interest though a club stand would be good?

    I know some people are camping (brave sods)

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    cant wait will be making as many as possilble next year and defo be coming to the camping ones as missed them all last year

    and we having a club stand at ultimate dubs again??

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    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    ^^^^ club stand is already in play

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: 2012 Show Dates

    great stuff
    should still have the wagon by then lol

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