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Thread: 1977 VW Dasher

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    1977 VW Dasher

    So its been a long time, but I have been hesitant to post up..... Well im buiding the 77 Dasher. Swapping the motor and running 16v Carbs, With a Fox 5spd tranny. The interior is all getting redone as well, car has been resprayed and also have done some modifications to the outside, Made it all a smoother look. Ill be posting up picks of the build as much as I can. Latest update on the car, the rear hatch had rust build it from the inside so, I found one in Idaho and getting it shipped to me. Also I have been running into some issues about a transmission I acquired its a 2BR off of a fox I have been told its a 5 Speed, the only issue i have is if it will fit without modification... Also if anyone knows THEBRIT i need to get some pointers about the Carb set up and the distributor. Here are some old pics and here are two new ones, it sits this way because im taking off surface rust.

    Front seats are GTI Recaros
    Rear Same Seats are waiting to go to upholstery
    Wheels Are BBS from E30 Bmw
    Suspension I think rear are mk1 jetta and spings off of a Volvo I cant remember
    Front just had to Do new inserts and Springs are off a Audi not sure ill have to check.
    Rear breaks are Disc upgrades off of Sirocco Mk1 gotta also check

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    Re: 1977 VW Dasher

    I would think that almost all cars would have electric tachs by the 70s.
    Re the VW Upshift Light-The one in my 82 Rabbit worked for about 3 months after I took delivery, the one in my ’85 Jetta worked once the whole time I had it.

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