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Thread: fault code p0420

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    fault code p0420

    Hi all ive had my managment light on and had a code reader on it and came up with p0420 ive done had front pre cat lambda sensor done. Cleaned maf sensor. Carb cleaner in throttle body. Dont know what else to try could it be my cat knackerd? Thanks.

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    Forgot to say my car is mk4 golf 1.8t

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    Heath Hayes

    Re: fault code p0420

    16804/P0420/001056 - Ross-Tech Wiki

    Could be the cat, they don't last forever especially if it's been overheated at some point by the car misfiring. This happened to the wifes fiesta when a plug failed and she drove it, petrol finds it's way to the cat ignites there and cooks it. This burns off the Platinum / Rhodium and the cat efficiency drops.


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    Re: fault code p0420

    Ok thanks will get it checked.

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    Ok thanks will get it checked.

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