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Thread: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

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    1st Gear Keithuk's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Stoke on Trent

    VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    Hi guys.

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section but its more relevant in here.

    Ok we have a fair number of users on here and some may have problems with there vehicle. Even if the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) doesn't come one there may be faults logged in the system.

    Now many VW forums have a VAG-COM\VCDS Users link which is sometimes pinned that shows the user with which cable and software they use and their location just incase someone needs a scan doing.

    There is a general site Vag-Com Locator Map but these are generally never up to date. So how about users that have VAG-COM\VCDS showing this fact as we are all generally live in Staffordshire.

    Software: 11.11
    Location: Stoke on Trent
    Experience: I've done nothing major with it at the moment only a few annoying tweaks My VCDS Tweaks as my car is relatively new.

    I have read a thread that asked if anyone has VAG-COM I replied but he's now sorted. help needed please! vagcom

    Now I did ask this on the old forum but we had no takers so we will see what happens on this new forum.

  2. 2010 Golf GTD (170) CBBB, 5 Door, Shadow Blue (P6/D5Q), Flat Tyre Indicator, Basic Protection Pack + VCDS.

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    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    Moved here

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    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    We have VCDS but unfortunately aren't able to offer our services FOC

    We will always try and look after Staffs-VW members when it comes to price though.

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    1st Gear Donut Boi's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012
    Rugeley, Staffs

    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    I have VAG-COM not done much major with is, Also have VAG K Commander

    Also use a Delphi 150 (works) which has vag com built in

    Diagnostics - Vag-Com, Vag K commander, Delphi

    Live - Lichfield, Staffs

    Experience - Car parts advisor, Garage diagnostics, Key programming, Auto electrics

    I do charge a drink + petrol

    Hope I can help some people
    Apex RDX Coilovers | 20mm Hub Centric Wheel Spacers | De-Wipered | RCD310
    Winter Pack | Comfort Pack | Parking Sensors

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    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    I have VAG COM, located near Nantwich

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    Confused TDI28's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    I have VAG com and vas pc plus a host of other vag programming/ diagnostic toys. based in Newcastle.

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    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    Building a nice list of members who can offer this.....

    also check out http://www.staffs-vw.co.uk/electrica...ult-codes.html

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    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    got the full 11.11.4 with Hex-can lead, based near wolverhampton , but work next to junction 12 M6 ( kinda cannock, penkridge region )

    Also have full BMW and Mini Diagnostics, (same as dealer) and also some Vauxhall Diagnostics but only used it once on a corsa (worked though )

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    2nd Gear
    Join Date
    Nov 2012
    Heath Hayes

    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    I have a full working version of VAG-COM but not for CAN cars, works on most pre 2003 cars some later cars upto 2005 on the Passats.
    I am in Heath Hayes near Cannock.

    207Bhp 345Lb/ft 14.95 seconds 93mph http://www.staffs-vw.co.uk/staffs-vw...tdi-wagon.html

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    Chatter Box tatt's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: VAG-COM\VCDS Users

    any one able to turn off my airbag light ? 2001 mk4 golf ?

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