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Thread: Passat Parking Brake Fault, VCDS Help Sought

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    Passat Parking Brake Fault, VCDS Help Sought

    Firstly, appologies for my first post being a cry for help.

    I am a member of a number of VW forums, but only came across this site after Googling for local VCDS help.

    I have a 2008 B6 Passat Estate with the 140 Tdi CR engine.

    One day after starting the car, the MFD immediately flashed up Parking Brake Fault.
    The parking brake still worked ok off the button, but the autohold fubction was disabled.

    I got the fault code read which was 02845,
    02845 - Function Display in Instrument Cluster (!): Short to Ground.

    It seems it is caused by a software error in the handbrake control module J540.

    I've obtained 2 secondhand modules, one is the latest Generation 4 module that is supposed to be compatible with my car, the other is the exact same part No as the original one.

    Would appreciate if there is anyone who would be able to programm the module to by car.

    I have already prepared the car so that the module can be accessed in a few minutes, it lives in the centre console between the 2 front seats.

    Thanks in anticipation.


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    Re: Passat Parking Brake Fault, VCDS Help Sought

    did you fix this

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    Re: Passat Parking Brake Fault, VCDS Help Sought

    Yes, got it fixed last week.

    Both Daz & Keith who are on this site & have VCDS tried to fix it, but were unable to get Basic Settings accepted for the G200 sensor.

    Someone on a different site suggested a different ( to that required by Ross-Tech ) order to programm the sensors which worked.
    Once the G251 sensor had Basic Setting restored, all was well again.

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    Re: Passat Parking Brake Fault, VCDS Help Sought

    aa cool. thanks for letting us know

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