Hi guys, i used to be a member on here many moons ago before the forum was updated, ive just bought a 52 plated audi a4 1.9tdi with no mot so took it in and its failed on a few small bits two being front flexi hoses so i replaced them but unfortunatly ran the resevior dry, ive bled all the brakes now and got the air out but the brakes are still poo and ive read that the abs pump needs to by cycled to remove any air and i need a vag com cable to do this, unfortunatly i dont have one and dont really have time to wait for one to arrive from ebay as the car needs to be back in for a re-test next week so if anyone can pop over to me in chell st6 i would be eternally greatful! if anyone can do this in the next couple of days please pm me and how much it will cost please, dont mean to sound cheeky asking you to come to me but the brakes are too dangerous to drive anywhere.

Cheers guys