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How many people can you fit in a Volkswagen? It's a question that's been around nearly as long as the automaker itself, and usually applies to the Beetle. Back in the 1950s in Australia, 17 people fit into the original. In 2010, a group in Kentucky set the record with 20. Twenty-seven is the most that could squeeze into a New Beetle in 2001, and you can bet someone will try it with the latest Beetle, too. But Volkswagen's own communications staff in the UK were curious to see how many of them could fit into the new Up!

So how many did they squeeze in? A total of 16 poor souls - or fifteen ladies and one chap who maybe thought he'd be in for the time of his life but probably found out otherwise. Comfortable or not, they put four on the front seats, seven in the back, one on the dashboard, one in each of the footwells and two in the trunk, with the doors and hatchback closed. Not too shabby, but we bet some group somewhere will manage to squeeze in another couple of friends sooner or later.Continue reading How many people can you fit in a Volkswagen... Up!?
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