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Thread: Quick question from newbie

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    Quick question from newbie

    Not had a vw before so dont know much about them.
    Looking at gettin a 1998 VW Golf GT TDI. My question is as it is the 110, what sort of price would a remap be and what else would it benefit before the remap.
    Oh and how much would a new turbo likley be?

    Cheers in advance!

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    (...on a £400 budget aswell)

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    Re: Quick question from newbie

    Ahoy! and welcome

    Just had a quick look on eBay, you are probably looking at around the £300 for a turbo.

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    Re: Quick question from newbie

    At that age it will be the ASV lump rather than the more advanced PD. However it's a rock solid motor and chips for the ecu/ turbo are available on eBay for very little. Takes it up to around 140 bhp which for the rerun isn't bad at all
    New turbo on my ASV Octavia was 400

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