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Thread: My van aint running right!

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    My van aint running right!

    Hi all im Andy and i have just bought a 1975 T2 yippee!! and would really like to know who the best VW mechanics are in Stafford ?
    My van aint running right i think i could have (air inleakage or Vacuum leak) i have done the wd40 spray test but need to do it again to be sure.
    Two different garages have tuned /set the timing/ Valves/points ect & the van is still not right

    The only way i can best describe the problem is what happened to me once when i used to have a mk3 cortina years ago..driving the VW feels like its running on 3 cylinders until you accelerate more then it feels like the 4th cylinder kicks in,it needs loads of revs to pull off at a junction i cant pull off smoothly at all.
    It will idle altho lumpy and a few misses when its warm.
    Any garage or mobile VW expert recommendations would be ACE!!!


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    Re: My van aint running right!

    Hi Andy, i'll have nose it for you if you want, currently restoring my own T2 so know my way round them a little bit

    Welcome to the forum by the way

  3. 1990 Scooby powered T3 My Daily + 15 Polo Wife's Daily - Need any welding Drop me a MP

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    Re: My van aint running right!

    Hi thanks
    just let me know when you have the time, that would be great!

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    Re: My van aint running right!

    I'm about all day today and most evenings

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    Re: My van aint running right!

    welcome along Hopefully you'll get it all sorted

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: My van aint running right!

    Welcome along matey, another classic VW in Stafford? More the merrier
    The worst thing about chocolate body paint is the bellybutton lindt.

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    1st Gear AndyFR's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: My van aint running right!

    Hi and welcome, hope you can get the problems fixed soon!

    My Garage - 2005 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 TDI

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