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Thread: Newbie introduction

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    Mar 2015
    Rugeley staffs

    Newbie introduction

    Hey vw loving folks
    thought I'd just take a min to introduce myself
    been dreaming of owning a camper for years done some of the shows;bug jam, Big Bang,bus types
    and after getting married at the end of last year to my delight the new wife says to me instead of going on honeymoon lets get a camper(didn't I pick a great wife)
    after searching and searching for the right camper have decided to do a conversion
    met a really cool group of people whom run voodoo campers in Manchester who have sourced a van for me a 2000 t4 transporter which I now own and they are putting in the interior of our choice in as I type this message
    it should be ready to go in about two weeks
    and to top it off work has let me pick my first company car which of course I've gone for a golf
    so in the space of 6 months I've gained a wife,camper,and a brand new golf
    we plan on using the camper to do a few shows and a good road trip in England or Europe every year
    if anyone has suggestions for trips and shows would love to hear about them
    ive travelled around oz in a battered old van so have a bit of experience but was a long time ago and feel like we are a bit of a pair of newbies to the hole thing
    wouldnt mind finding out if like minded people meet up for a beer now and again so can find out best ways of improving our new camper , tips etc
    we come from the rugeley part of staffordshire
    i look forward to meeting you folks
    best wishes t4 bus loving benji

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    Re: Newbie introduction

    looking forward to seeing the van

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