I am sittning here telling you my tale now as I rest from the task at hand, my 86 gti I bought the other day the car is a magnificent survivor all trim is here all panels relatively straight and interior is beautiful. As I said in the welcome pages the motor swap was done by a shop here that didnt pay attention to the details and so........ here we are my other dubs are an 01 golf 2.0 with a huge garret 26r kit and its built onto a dasco racing engines head ported intake and 3in downpipe with techtonics tuning exhaust forge front mount intercooler and all stainless pipes but the little things are driving me nutz. E.C.U. was tuned by C2 motorsports and the car when it spools tears the tires apart in every gear but the size of the turbo and the plumbing makes it so that it doesnt really spool till about 4250 to 4500 rpm and from there to red line is the blink of an eye ..... ah well more tinkering to do there. My Jetta is parked at present due to a rock making contact with her oil pan ........ I saw the rock it was night and it looked like a shoe or a piece of trash in the road I thought I would clear it but........ so in short before I could even shut the motor off the lifters bled down too quick and some of them being old just gave up. I put on a new oil pan (steel this time) and cranked it around and around with no ignition to pump the oil thoroughly then put the fuses back in and ......... still only five cylinders. I have a brand new head for it from techtonics tuning and some of the gaskets plus the complete ecs tuning turbo kit for her just not wanting to dive in during nice weather this will be a winter build of which I will try to inform you all if interested........ My new head my T Bomb short ram and the rest of the kit should provide me 350 to 375 whp at the end ......we will see. Anyway thanks for your info insights and fellowship look forward to more......you all should link up with our stlvw.org and see what many of us are doing here in the middle U.S.A. Thanks , Bobby