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Thread: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

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    Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Bought the car for £180 in June 2010, and was only moments away from the crusher
    On top of the custom refurb'd Keskin KT5 with mirror polished dish's & Coilovers

    July 2010 Mods:
    Looking a sorry state (it has to get worse before it can better)

    Mint used VW wings were resprayed "Diamond Silver". Indicators removed along with minging aerial, metal blanks welded in and filled/smoothed. Stainless Steel polished bolts now hold the wings and slam panel on.

    Fuel flap removed, notch removed and replaced with metal (to follow body line)

    Aerial replaced with "BlauPunkt car tax areial". A doddle to fit and reception is A1
    The unit sits in the top corner of the screen or the centre (under rear view mirror), your choice

    Roof rails removed, shot blasted and sent to the polishers. really please with the results

    Watch this space.....!a few more mods due in August

    Pics were just quick ones
    Aint stopped all day,4 hours (there and back) to get the leather, shampoo'd the carpet while everything was out
    Will be taken some more at tatton, including the ski rack

    Next up is Ferrari 355 Challenge Brembo Calipers & G60 Disc's
    Just waiting for the bloody rain to stop, then i can get the mounting bracket measured and laser cut
    (anyone know of a cheap place to get the braided hoses)

    Pics taken at the UKpassats Gathering 2010

    And my Dog

    Currently the Calipers are split and a couple of pistons are being replaced along with fresh seals and bleed nipp's
    The question is: What colour shall i powder coat them??? HELP NEEDED
    They are BLACK with White Ferrari Logo atm,
    but should they be RED with Black Logo?
    or even YELLOW with Black Logo?

    Little update on the Ferrari Calipers
    Stripped and split, all hardware removed and will be stripped then zinc & Gold plated
    Stainless retaining screws bought today

    One of the pistons looked a little suspect, so this will be replace along with new bore seals and dust covers

    Also, picked up some 310mm vented F355 rear Disc's, they will be drilled to suit 4x100
    (Have'nt offered these up yet, so not sure they are going to work?)

    Winter update: Part 1
    20vt Sold...But been busy collecting parts for my Bike Carb Conversion & Engine bay clean-up
    Parts got so far:
    zzr1100 throttle bodies (i think these are the biggest put on a superbike along with zx9r's)
    16v head, trying porting & polishing myself
    Facet silvertop fuel pump
    Fuel pressure reg with inbuilt dial
    Bailey polished alloy power steering res
    E30 touring battery leads (battery going in the boot)
    Merc sprinter Rad (top fill)
    And finally found some split rims, 8.5x16 Image. full refurb needed on them (how i like it) some pics below

    And the carbs still in the boot, but look massive

    re-furb will consist of
    curb rash being turned down friday afternoon (when i get some time on mates lathe)
    Then off to acid dippers (Carl at CTT in tipton)
    barrels powder coated white or silver (at work)
    Lips fully polished (Suki @ crown plating wolvs)
    Centres either vibro polished or powder coated RAL5015, bolt pattern welded and re-drilled 4x100. centre plate to be made to cover bolt holes (me @ work )
    Bolts chrome plated (Suki) or gold plated (Keith at KRT plating in wolvs)
    Then some MEGA stretched rubber with side wall markings deleted

    erm think thats it

    Mini update : not done a fat lot
    Picked a new welder up this week, old one was full of damp and board was stuffed
    No reason i cant get rid of the engine bay tray and get some new sill & rear arches put on

    Next was a trip to my mates to give the wheels a slight skim to take the curb rash off
    Note the monster lathe

    Once that was done, a trip over to another friend to eye up the re-drilling from 5x120 to 4x100
    We figured that i need to bung up the present holes with some machined plugs and weld them in place, also a spigot ring is to be machined and welded in place

    Finally, split the alloys ready for acid dipping in the week....and hopefully picking up the Ferrari calipers

    Quick update:
    A nice big double garage has been found with a pit as well, was close to selling the B3
    I have kinda neglected the passat as we are due to start our extension (footings going down Monday)
    So, the plan now I have the garage space is:
    Zzr1100 bike carbs conversion, including manifold made by me, and fuel reg
    Battery relocated, washer bottle replaced with punto mk2 one (hidden)
    Sprinter rad needs re-coring
    Rear beam powder coated, and all brake covers and brackets
    F355 callipers, G60 disc's mounted
    Arches pulled
    Re-textured GT body kit
    Blanked exhaust outlet
    Smoothed tailgate
    Relocated washer jets
    Interior carpet & plastics to black
    Trimmed boot in same leather as seats, with chromed deck strips (like caddy's)
    Fit all new OEM lights,indicators,fogs and NEW tresser rear lights
    Retrim momo team 280mm, and gear gator in leather as seats
    Fit 90's pioneer cd player with very retro remote, was NOS purchase
    Polished or powder coat head
    Completed the rebuild of the 9x16 3-piece wheels, they currently need the re-drill to 4x100, bolts to be chromed then put them back together

    All parts are sitting in my other garage just waiting for me to fit it all


    Only built the 3 so far, but thought i would share my joy

    What you think?????

    Front end gone!

    And in the back of the truck

    Quick bolt up of the new wheels

    Notice the poke:

    Bit more done:
    Got back the metalwork, all shot blasted and powder coated black
    Rubbers still to fit on rear beam, wishbones, steering rack
    Alternator stripped and cleaned. Casting at polishers will assemble tomorrow
    Drive shafts shotblasted and painted, metal boots painted orange, new grease to go in as well
    Power steering rack removed and will be replaced with manual rack, new rack clear coated to maintain the new look
    F355 calipers to be trial fitted, need to make adapter to mate with hubs
    Alloy intercooler purchased, yet to get pipe work purchased
    Starter motor stripped & cleened, ready for paint
    Fire wall insulation removed and **** n grease removed from legs and engine bay
    Vento washer bottle now in boot, still to plumb in. Nice fit!
    Hubs shotblasted today, got to remove bearings this week and replace
    Plans for the next week or so:
    Fit bmw battery lead
    New engine/gearbox mounts need purchasing
    Alloy rad, probally cosworth twin fan
    Need to weld in baffles in acid stripped sump
    New kr oil pump (not sure g60 one fits) think it has a longer shaft into block?
    O2abox rebuild, had a price of £200 this should be good for 280-300 hp. Will allow me to powder coat the casting!
    Down pipe from turbo to be sorted, following on from me fitting the jetex st/st exhaust i have
    Windage tray needed!
    Performace clutch, ebay.com is the best for this
    G60 flywheel
    Etc etc etc, loads and loads spinning round in my tiny mind

    Time for a few pics

    Metalwork in the back of the truck, going to be shot blasted then powder coated

    And powder coated, lying next to the car

    Quick snap shot of the disasembly of the drive shafts

    And now rebuilt, orange inner boots!

    Alternator, finished. after a strip down fully cleaned, casting polished

    Starter, stripped N shot blasted. and some more orange

    Fire wall in good condition!

    Offside inner panel cleaned, nice and straight

    Nearside still minging dirty, yet to do! lol

    Recon'd manual rack. the paint that was on it was ****...so a fresh layer by me
    Tie rods are different to the power rack, no one stocks them, NA from vw. but i think mk2 ones fit (m22 female ones)


    Polybushes for the manual rack, mk2 golf items

    Polybushes for the wishbones, again in Red and mk2 golf items
    ARB bushes look passat only along with rear sub-frame and front drop links

    Well done a bit more today, cut all the brackets off for the washer bottle & Battery, stray threads are gone like the airbox studs
    Gave it a good scrub down to


    BUT, it has just dawned on me how much work i have still yet to do :hyst

    Decided to strip the 355 calipers last week, Carl @ CTT dropped them of yesterday
    Still yet to powder coat them, and still yet to find a supplier of the pistons/seals/dust seals
    Biggred said "NO we dont touch them" and called many others..but with no Joy
    Ive contacted a company call Truechoice Motorsport in Ohio, they may be able to help and also my brothers Mrs works for Stratstone (They have a ferrari dealership in Manchester) shes going to ask there for me.
    So im not going to give up yet...failing that i will make the pistons from 316L and electropolish them...gota be beter than the **** ally ones Ferrari do..
    Anyways, here's some pics of them trial fitted to my newly powder coated hubs (sorry about the ****ty disc's)

    Done the bushes on the steering rack yesterday evening
    (im posting as i do stuff...so i dont have a lot of pics to find at the end)

    This is polished stainless steel version of the drive shaft heatsheild i knocked up in my Lunch break today
    Rolled and cut from a scrap "drip tray" from a fancy coffee machine we make

    Wishbones with new poly bushes (the mk2 golf ones)
    Done last night after work, took approx an hour
    Compilled a "How to" as well

    Aluminium mk4 1.8t radiator arrived yesterday as well:

    (UKp style)
    Gearbox cleaned this afternoon, will let it all dry off and in the morning i will give it a coat of black & laquer
    Gearbox end cap, will be orange too
    Took 3 hrs to clean
    (Block will be ORANGE, so black for the gbox should work?)

    Clean, ready for paint:

    Gearbox done, got about 10 layers of laquer on it

    Subframe now complete
    new ARB bushes, Tie rods, track rod ends, gaiters, bottom balljoints, drop links, wishbones poly bushes, gearbox mount, rear engine mount and a splash of orange thrown in

    Ferrari calipers, powder coated red (shown cooling down on track(
    I clear coated them this morning, but the clear reacted with the paint (dont know why?) so will have to strip them again, aarrhh

    Bumper iron and slam panel were stripped this week, painted them silver again this morning.
    Bonnet latch also stripped, and will be zinc&yellow plated

    Still to do:
    Front wheel bearings, baffle sump, oil return on sump for turbo, clutch, disc's f355 brake lines, f355 bore seals & dust cover & new 36mm piston, intercooler ally pipework, radiator ally pipework, enamel block orange, spur of matrix for turbo, install oir cooler, air filter & pipwork, turbo down pipe with lambda boss, steering wheel boss, gaiter trimmed, boot trimmed, momo team trimmed, battery relocation, washer bottle relocation, roof rails got to go, trim headlining, ECU, mapping session...looks a lot, but should not take more than 2 weeks

    Completed the final build on the motor

    Got to do a baffled sump with oil return, so one in pic will go
    BMW battery lead from e36 6cyl

    Also managed to strip the interior and replace 99% of plastics with black ones and fitted black carpets, roof rails also deleted today and smooth roof strips
    New heater matrix also put in
    Rear load area windows replaced with better condition ones, old one the rubber had seperated from windows
    A trip upto my mates unit 2mo to blast the calipers again, ready for powder coating next week
    Will fit the front cross members 2mo aswell, then drop the motor in

    Well thats it so far, still loads a bit to do.......as always other projects turn up and distract you

    This came from my build thread on "B3 Outlaws", for B3 passats only,,very very small forum

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    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    christ.... thats some build...

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    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt


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    VIP Member seanyb's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Amazing work, top job

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    wow some serious work gone into this ,love it

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    Active Member Buckers's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Wow! That's immense.

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    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    thats mint, really like the white wheels on it

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    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Looking good, liking the black and orange

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    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Thats just awesome

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    Mr Mk3 madmanmart's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Cheadle, Staffs

    Re: Sie18t - B3 Passat Wagon - 16vt

    Thats some top work fella.
    1996 Golf GTI 16v
    1997 Golf GTI (Track Car)
    1997 Golf TDI

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