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Thread: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

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    My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Front cover of a magazine! |

    Well I thought it about time to get my build thread up of my beloved camper.

    Only owned it almost 2 years now.
    After showing my VW Passat at various shows for a year or 2 I became interested in the aircooled scene, and yearned to own a camper onw day.

    Im not that great at modding myself, nor get much spare time, so I usually end up paying someone to do the hard work for me.

    Finally I bit the bullet and took a large loan, enough to purchase a well presented and solid camper.
    Splittys were my original goal, but they were selling at silly prices, so I plumped for an earlybay at a much more affordable cost.
    I bought the bus (Olive) from a guy in Bristol, who had imported the bus from the states 3 years previously, subsequently stripped her down, gutting the interior and completely re-trimming including a professional ICE install by VIBE. Finishing off with a full respray.

    After completing the project to a show worthy standard he decided to move to the states, and so sold Olive to myself.

    Most people would have been happy at that, with a very respectable show worthy bus, but not me, I like my rides slammed!
    So within a year I had her booked into Slamwerks for a full air suspension setup.

    Wont go into the in's and out's of it all, but needless to say Slamwerks didnt quite deliver the full package, only installing air on the front, but lowering the back on adjustable spring plates instead of air bags.
    Something i will now have to wait until next years pre show season to get installed. Think I may go down the route of tubbing and engine/gearbox raise at the same time...so she'll sit on the deck.....not sure yet!

    Bus currently booked in this weekend at a local Auto Electricians for a full wiring loom replacement from top to bottom, as I have been experiencing some electrical faults of late, and too many of these bus's end up on fire at the side of the road if not careful!!

    My Passat (now sold)

    How the bus looked when I bought it

    The interior..

    How she looks today...

    More updates as and when.....

    Comments, suggestions, opinions welcome

    p.s I will add more photos of the build when I get more time. :cool:

    Own a Bay?......Feel the love!

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    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    Love this......

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    1st Gear AndyFR's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    Thats a really nice camper!! wish i had the money for one myself, maybe in the future...

    My Garage - 2005 Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 TDI

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    3rd Gear Jez GTi's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    looking good top job

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    Oct 2011

    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    really nice!

    makes me want a camper for some reason

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    Active Member Buckers's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    That's gorgeous!

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    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    What a nice looking bus you have every right to be proud of it .
    Sorry but do not like your choice of wheels on your Passat but then Passats do not float my boat.

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    scoobie987's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Chell Heath, Stoke

    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |

    Very nice mate.

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    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Charity show events |

    2 shows visited in as many weeks......
    First off was 'Worcester Volks' who hosted a meet/mini show in Asda's multistorey car park in the centre of Worcester for anything VW (water or aircooled.)
    Asda are involved with the Tickled Pink organisation who fund raise in aid of breast cancer, so all proceeds were donated to this charity
    There was a show n shine for a donated fee, this included 'best of its class' and 'best of show'

    I was very happy to win 'Best Aircooled Van'
    But totally blown away to win 'Best Of Show'!!
    There were some beautiful motors there!

    Second up was Carfest North - Oulton Park Racetrack, last weekend 2nd-5th Sept, hence I was unable to make Tatton Park this year, which I was a bit gutted about as I love that show!

    Carfest is hosted by Chris Evans....a charity fundraising event organised by the man himself on behalf of BBC's Children In Need.

    Cant say enough about this show....
    Music festival with bands such as Ocean Colour Scene, Reef, The Magic Numbers and Texas to name a few.. an air show and plenty of motor racing all weekend on the Oulton Park Race curcuit qhich encircles the entire show.
    Loads to do for kids too with entertainment shows and a fun fair.

    Theme of the weekend was 'The Magnificent 7' as Chris owns 7 classic and beautiful sports cars to which he refers to as the above.

    No show and shine, just numerous clubstands of all types with 7 of each on display.
    New to the show this year was the 'VW Campervan' category. ...and we were overwhelmed by the public.
    Over 25,000 attended over the full weekend. ..and I would say 95% of them visited our stand that weekend. It was none stop from gates opening to gates closing.

    Me and the girlfriend

    We even had a special visitor on the last day admiring the buses

    P.s all pics shown here were mainly taken before gates opened for the public, hence how quiet it seems.

    Next stop for me is V-Dub Island Festival - Isle of Wight.
    Hope to see you there if anyone is going too....

    Own a Bay?......Feel the love!

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    Re: My Earlybay Campervan - Olive | Introduction |


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