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Thread: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

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    Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    I wasnt really gonna bother doing a thread but thought why not so people can see what I have done since owning the car which is nothing massive compared to some more serious dubbers out there. The car is a 2002 Golf mk4 tdi-s Estate which has now covered about 151k and still pulling strong.When I bought the car it had a few mods which were a set or Replica 18" BBS CH alloys,custom remap and a Powerflow S/S exhaust which wasnt my thing.Since then I have made the car my own but first things I did do was a full service as in Cambelt,water pump,all filters and oil etc which I do when ever a buy any new dub.Car has also had other new parts replaced Disks and Pads all round,various new bushes along with thermostat and temp sensor and coolant.From that point on I have slowly changed things on the car which I have listed below thanks.

    Custom remap was carried out at PD tuning havent got a print out but I reakon shes running around 135bhp
    Allard EGR delete kit
    Drilled and smoothed Airbox
    Audi TT oil cap
    KN Panal filter
    De-cat and rear back box removed on the old powerflow system so straight pipe all the way with a discreet sing exit tail pipe
    JOM sports suspension kit lowered 40mm
    Genuine Anniversary Haedlights
    Genuine Anniversary front splitter
    Replica Anniversary side skirts
    Front grill painted gloss black
    De-badged the smaller badges off the rear
    Carbon style vinyl wrapped the front and rear badges
    Vinyl wrapped the outer door pillars
    All red rear lights from Germany
    18" BBS CH reps 8" fronts with 5mm spacers and 9" rears with 10mm spacers bought of a guy on this forum mick.
    Small stubby rear aerial
    U.S side markers installed to the original rub strip wired into side lights
    Fitted a genuine vw heated seat loom with switchs
    Full heated black leather recaros
    Black leather arm rest
    Changed the clock faces over Anniversary style and fitted brushed alley rings
    Illuminated needles
    Full R32 brushed alley dash trim along with all door handles all genuine parts
    Bora illuminated vents
    R-Line leather gear knob and gator
    Standard dash 6 disk cd player and head unit Gamma
    Black Anniversary rear view mirror
    Multi function steering wheel with Cruse control came fitted
    The theme inside the car use to be Top black and lower grey so half and half.I have since changed it all to black as in Glove box,centre console all lower dash trim.The rear door cards are pretty hard to find in black and there different to a 4 door Golf so I sprayed these using VHT paint and they came out really well.

    Things I have left to do.
    Passanger side wing has some slight bubble on the top and marks of some Mud gaurds that were fitted Im going to replace both wings when I find a set the same colour and in good condition the other wing just has a slight mark again off mud gaurds being fitted.
    Front splitter needs painting as its Satin Silver and my cars Reflex Silver.
    I had the rear valence colour coded some time ago and theres a little bit of paint came off in the one corner so Im gonna replace the valence with a Anniversay style one and have it painted.
    Repalce the JOM sports kit with a decent set of Coilovers get her closer to the ground.
    I have boought 3 tins of VHT black spray to do the plastic trim that runs inside round the inside of the doors as there still grey.
    Respray the wheels or I may sell them try a new look.
    Its mainly just freshen it up for the summer really and things I keep meaning to do but never get chance.A few pictures before and after so thanks for reading

    Changed the wheels,front splitter,tints,de-badged and wrapped the pillars

    Didnt really like that look so started to change things again bit of colour coding and US markers

    Then some Anni bits and headlights

    Wheels changed and other bits but more its present look

    Since that last shot new black leather handbrake fitted and R32 trim has been fitted but as you can see I still need to paint the inner sill trim,ABC pillars and head lining.I will do some better upto date shots of inside as it looks alot better now than that shot.Thanks for looking...

  2. Golf Gt tdi.

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Looks well on the bbs ch's mate not feeling the Anni front splitter but I like wagons and this is a nice example

  4. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    weston coyney

    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Nice work mate

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    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Thanks for the comments

    Golf Gt tdi.

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    Oct 2011

    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Looks very nice mate!

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    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Not a major update as such but still some progress in my book lol went the Gadget show last week and got talked into buying a new double din head unit nothing to flash just a Kenwood but glad I did as its a massive improvement on the old Gamma unit.As I got my new head unit thought I would get a sub and amp to beef the sound up and won off ebay a 12" Mutant sub and matching Mutant amp £35 I know its not the best make but I really cant moan at that kind of money.As it was a bright day yesterday I decided to have ago installing the sub and amp and as the head unit is bluetooth I needed to remove my old Parrott out of the car so set about removing the seats and lower dash trim.That went well so as I had the seats out decided to remove all the grey trim left in the car and paint it all black.Took me all day but got most off it all done and it looks so much better just got a few more bits to do but its nearly all done now so thats a few more jobs sorted.Im going to finish a few bits off today so ill post a few pictures up thanks.

    Golf Gt tdi.

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    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Took a few pictures of the inside still have bits to do yet but all in good time im currently looking around on the net for a few ideas as I want to do the headlining aswell but again no mad rush few pictures and thanks for looking

    Golf Gt tdi.

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    Re: Mk4 Golf Wagon tdi-s

    Thank you for a large number of these photos! Very interesting!!
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