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Thread: My Poor Smokey

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    2nd Gear KittyMk1's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Crewe, But i'm a Stokie & Proud!!

    My Poor Smokey

    Hey everyone!

    The last few weeks haven't been good. This happened 3 weeks last monday. My Lovely Mk2 Ibiza 'Smokey' has gone to copart, some of you may have seen the pic on facebook......

    Here she is with her friend Betsy.

    This is what happened 3 weeks last monday

    This pic we took at the recovery agents...

    Basically I hit black ice and ended up hitting a PT Cruiser head on at 50mph. Luckily it hit me right on the n/s chassis leg. It doesnt look too bad from the pictures but it kinked the roof and 1/4 panel and even bent the back seat! (it also wrecked at least one of my BRAND NEW G60 Steels. GUTTED!!)

    She was the best car I ever had and i'm so lucky that she saved my life in the end.

    RIP Smokey xx

  2. Elvis - Mk1 Golf 1.8T T34 WIP

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: My Poor Smokey

    Never mind the metal that can be replaced. Glad you walked away from something that could have been a hell of a lot worse

  4. The worst thing about chocolate body paint is the bellybutton lindt.

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    2nd Gear
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    Nov 2012
    Heath Hayes

    Re: My Poor Smokey

    Wow that looks nasty, hopefully everybody was OK.

    207Bhp 345Lb/ft 14.95 seconds 93mph http://www.staffs-vw.co.uk/staffs-vw...tdi-wagon.html

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    2nd Gear DENTOUT's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2013

    Re: My Poor Smokey

    Ouch, it sure could have been worse! Your very lucky to have walked away, like [MENTION=233]sparks3[/MENTION] said, its just metal, it can be replaced.

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    My Poor Smokey

    Hope your ok fella. What happend, looks pretty hard hit?

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    scoobie987's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Chell Heath, Stoke

    Re: My Poor Smokey

    As what's already been said, you have walked away in one piece. Though you won't be able to replace Smokey, you can try and find something similar. Unlucky mate.

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    2nd Gear paulmay79's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2011

    Re: My Poor Smokey

    I bet [MENTION=3606]DENTOUT[/MENTION] could sort the body out for you!!! Glad your ok.

    "The Bora is to the golf as the Belmont is to the astra" Richard Richmond (Rolls-Royce Plc)

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    Re: My Poor Smokey

    don't forget to show us your new motor

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