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Thread: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

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    katies bora

    thought i may aswell make a thread about katies black bora, wasnt much to begin with, a wee bargain to be honest, its a 130 tdi sport in l041, same seats, bbs montreals, boot spoiler, same trim as a gt tdi golf, if there was a gt tdi bora this would be it lol ,has a few niggles but nothing major, £200 later saw a new lower arm(which has already gone in 2 weeks!)powerflex dogbone mount, fk coilovers, 3k hids, and some other bits, plans are launch control+rev limiter and map by darkside,yellow tinted headlights,us front markers, 2.5" non resonated with 3.5" outrolled tip, porsche cayenne turbos in gloss black et57 with 30mm adaptors, 312mm fronts, egr delete, vacuum simplification, w8 interior light, lit needles, black headlining, 150/4mo front valance, yellow hid front fogs in bumper, heated cloth front' seats, and some other bits and bobs! needs a chassis notch at the momment though as needs to go down slightly more haha also needs a good mop and the near side repainted

    mods carried out so far and to be:

    obviouly being a sport it has the £££ clocks, interior,lights and other little odditys like the **** issues ive had with the oe gamma+nokia amp+other crap, had a few niggles with it from previous bodgers, but for 190k she runs well!

    yellow tinted lights with Joey mod in matt £6
    You.s sidemarkers £28 from vw
    2.5"boxless turbo back going into 3" after beam £ gave him cat so free
    ms design rear boot spoiler £free
    fk coilovers £80 but christmas present so free
    powerflex dog bone mount £20, but wasted £60 on the day to mishon to nottingham
    3k hids(were green before tint film) £20 from chikyland
    wind deflectors £26 new
    slatt grille £15 new

    later should be getting some 9.5jx8.5j 18" brabus monoblock vi's with h&r 20mm adaptors with tyres for... £250, well actually £100 as ive sold the montreals for £150 lol

    to come:

    darkside egr delete £52
    darkside map, with launch control and rev limit, plenty of smoke and boost £240(with big george having his done too)
    4mo front valance £30-40
    anni skirts £40-50
    roof spoiler £20 new
    passenger side painted and panels colour coded and the whole car mopping £400
    stubby n/s mirror £40
    heated cloth elements for seats, kufatec looms and switches £110, or find some recaro's and use old looms £60-120
    cruisecontrol retrofit £58 new
    312mm caliper carriers and discs/pads £80
    some other mumbojumbo, should get my money back when all done

    to start, few days after she had it

    will get pics of wheels later

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    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    cracking mate, will look spot on when the wheels are on

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    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    indeedy, captain c, goin tonkies as we speak to find 205's <3

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    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    any wheel pics yet?

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    Oct 2011

    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta


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    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    had planned to sell due to suffering with sheep copying symptoms, now have to keep due to being **** and ruinning another coilover.

    Ive now changed, 2 lower arms with balljoints, 2 wheel bearings, 2 new driveshafts, steering rack, and some other ****e.

    need to order some more coilovers, polo top mounts+ bearings, another wheelbearing, some other crap then sort a map out with lc and revlimiter, and swap the wheels for eltanins etc

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    i like that looks well indeed
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    2nd Gear paulmay79's Avatar
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    Sep 2011

    Re: katies blackora the wannabe jetta

    I like the bora. Just need to loose the black wheels. Looks like one of batmans cast offs!

    "The Bora is to the golf as the Belmont is to the astra" Richard Richmond (Rolls-Royce Plc)

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