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Thread: E36

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    Bit of something different, but here is my E36 328 Sport. For those who dont know, the early sports (mine is an early one) came with LSD's rather than ASC (Traction Control).

    Hers my journey with the car anyway (Copied over from the E36 forum):

    I brought the car, a '96 328 Sport, completely standard with around 70k on the clock. Its in very good condition and had been owned virtually all its life by one family. It had loads of history with it and has had the Nikisil block changed around 40k ago.

    Here is how she looked when I first brought her:

    It stayed like this for quite a while....but I really wanted to get rid of the orange lenses....so I waited for the right deals to come along and via here and ebay, I've managed to get sorted:

    It really been a hassel free car and have used it for twelve months (going to Manchester several times, Wales/Anglesea several times and even Newquay!!).....the only hiccup bein the brake light switch!! (Easy fix!)

    With the MOT looming I thought i'd best check it over and sort out a few niggling jobs:

    Rear passenger seat belt (Easy fix with new seat belt)
    Front fog light and housing (Bit awkward)
    Check rear brakes over and give the car a general check over

    In my dads workshop ready to start:

    This is what I found when checking the rear brakes:

    Broken retaining spring

    Plus the shoes were well past there best....so I put new Pagid shoes on and a spring kit:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Whilst checkin the car over I noticed that both back springs had broken right at the bottom....so I ordered new front and rear Koni springs (-40 and -15) from Demon Tweeks:

    The previous owner had Bilsteins fitted, but mustnt have felt the need to have the springs done aswell :roll:

    Rear sportin new coils:

    I ended up unbolting the ARB to get the spring out as I seemed to be fighting it to get the spring out, replaced both nuts as they were badly corroded on the ARB brackets

    The fronts started off as a nightmare! I started by undoing the 22mm top mount bolt and then the 3x13mm nuts in the top mount plate, but one of them was just spinning and turning the bolt aswell as the nut :evil:

    I ended up cutting it off. After stripping everything down, I cheaned the 3x13mm bolts up and thread locked them to the plate to prevent further :evil: ....in hindsight I would have brought new plates, but who'd have them on a sunday afternoon!!

    Here's the front with shiny new springs attached

    Hopefully at the weekend I'll get chance to clean her and get some pics up. It seems the same height at the back as before, but slightly lower at the front, which is exactly what I was looking for (I dont like to see them too low)

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    Re: E36

    The time had come to take it for the dreaded MOT.....I really neednt have worried tho as it flew through. The tester said is immaculate underneath and couldnt believe it was a '96.

    Really chuffed!! 8)

    Future plans are an Evo lip spoiler and probably the manifold conversion

    - - - Updated - - -

    Nothin much to report really....

    Couple of pics after bein lowered....not too low at all, but lower than it was

    Also, had a nice box of goodies from Polished Bliss turn up....cant wait to get my car properly cleaned, just waitin for a dry weekend now!!

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    Re: E36

    Just a little update...

    Took her for an MOT in the week and it failed on the front outer ball joint. After a bit of advice on here I decided to replace the whole lower control arm, with an E30 item, rather than just the ball joint.

    Due to the E30 arms having concentric bushes im going to replace the offside aswell in the week, then get the geometry set up, but as it stands I can get her through a quick re test.

    Whilst in the engine bay, I noticed the rubber elbow from the MAF to throttle body is looking worse for wear.

    Its not affecting the performance/running of the car whatsoever, but am going to source a replacement this week.

    The camera on my battery died early on so I didnt get as many pictures as I should have, but when I do the offside I'll get a few more

    - - - Updated - - -

    Little update....

    Took her for her retest and she flew through.

    Ive also now replaced the O/S arm and the rubber intake boot, which I brought off Cotswold BMW....excellent service!!

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    Re: E36

    Ive been collecting a few bits and pieces over the past month or so. These include refurbished Gaz coilovers, Lemforder front droplinks, Evo top mounts, Meyle rear top mounts, 20mm spacers and Z3 reinforcement plates.

    I started with the fronts. Everything went fairly smoothly as ive had the front shocks off when I put new springs on (see earlier in the journal). Got everything on the front put back together

    You cant quite see the difference in the camber in the picture, but you can tell in the flesh

    It was sitting too low. so I did end up raising the fronts.

    Next onto the rears. This also went smoothly, even finding that the previous owner had already fitted Z3 plates 8). I left the adjusters set pretty high, altough its about the same height as before, so they must drop mega low?! The only problem I had was getting the rear speakers back in....messed about for about half an hour and got mad so I left them in the boot :roll:

    Over past few weeks the car hasnt been wanting to start due to the battery being flat. Tested the battery with the engine running and it was charging, so I ordered a new battery

    With everything back together I took the co pilot out for a little spin

    Unfortunately there is some catching on the front....maybe its due to the spacers??

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    Re: E36

    Had the coilovers on for a couple of weeks and noticed a knocking sound.....this will be why

    Ended up having to put my Bilstein shocks on the back as this is what I had been greeted with

    This is a picture Ive found from when I fitted them the other week, as you can see nothing untoward

    Rang and emailed them now so just going to have to wait for a response, but Im really annoyed this has happened as they are freshly refurbed

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    Re: E36

    The bottom bush has gone AWOL

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: E36

    Looking good bob my mate had one of these it was an animal sounded mint at full chat
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: E36

    They do sound well when you put your foot down....go pretty well too

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: E36

    Cheaper alternative to the m3
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    May 2011

    Re: E36

    Looking good still mate

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