So here I am again with another MK2 Golf…

I bought this one as I was fed up with not having my own car to drive and we didn’t really want to be using the MK4 Anni much over the winter.

I was well aware that the bodywork on this was a little bit ropey but I was advised that this one was “mechanically sound.”
I should have taken more time inspecting it as it was far from it…

I drove it home up the M6 and the engine felt good and picked up just like an 8v should. The front end felt a bit vague at times but I wasn’t overly concerned.
So I approach Stafford and exit the M6 and start to brake (not particularly hard) as I come to the end of the slip road and BANG, the car tries to throw it’s self up the grass verge on my right.
I managed to limp it home with it making some awful grinding noises. At this point it was dark so I locked it up and left it for a few days.

This is what had happened

So I got some new discs and pads, top mounts, steering rack boots

We removed the HIDs as I really didn’t like them and also replaced the headlights as the old units were knackered. One was actually full of water!

After re-connecting the battery the hazard lights kept flashing which was really confusing me …then the penny dropped. There was an alarm system fitted but the siren for it had been ripped out and I had no fob or anything for it. So out the bottom section of the dash came and Abbie found the alarm unit and unplugged it. Problem solved!

Fitted rear bench, seat belts, parcel shelf…

The reverse lights wouldn’t work so I replaced the switch on the gearbox, et voila!

After poking around a bit I could see that the droplinks were worn and needed replacing as well as the ball joints. The rest of the bottom arm bushes didn’t look to great either, so I replaced the lot

Getting the ball joint out of the drivers’ side was so much effort. It eventually came down to me swearing at it and hitting the f*ck out of it with a big mallet.

The brake lines looked a bit corroded at on the rear nearside I went over them from front to back and rubbed them down to bare metal. They actually weren’t too bad so I painted them in black hammerite to protect them.

The gearbox was also making a grinding noise when the clutch pedal was depressed. I was told that this was the release bearing and had been that way for about a year, since the clutch was replaced.

So I changed the bearing and gearbox oil but there wasn’t much improvement. I came to the conclusion that the bearings had gone in the input shaft as there was a bit of play in it. So the gearbox needs replacing!!!

I was also slowly losing coolant but there were no visible leaks anywhere. So I suspected the headgasket also had to be replaced!!!
Luckily I had a head gasket, cam belt and tensioner under the stairs at home which were left over from a previous project. So I only needed the head bolts. I also thought it would be wise to replace the rocker gasket and manifold gaskets.

Luckily a mate of mine still had old of an old gearbox that he bought off me so I had it back

It’s taken me about 4 weeks to do this as I’ve been rather ill recently and only been able to spend a few hours, once a week on it.

So the engine is now back in and I just need to connect the n/s/ drive shaft, reconnect the wiring and stuff and see if it starts.

The rear wheel bearings need replacing (which I’ve purchased) but I might just pay a garage to do it and then MOT it.

Bodywork-wise the fronts of both of the doors have rusted through, there are dents in both front wings, the tailgate has surface rust, there is the usual rust around the wiper blank, the paint is really flat and looks like it’s been blown over in places. I haven’t even bothered to try any cutting compound on it.
I’ve probably not painted a pretty picture here but it is actually quite solid and I like the fact I can leave it on a car park and not worry about it getting knocked.

I do have decent replacement doors, tailgate and bonnet for it but they are all different colours. I’m just going to leave it for now and if I get hold of some replacement wings then I might get it re-sprayed next year…
Sorry for such a long-winded post. I typed this out at work as I was bored. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring it along to the next meet.