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Thread: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

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    Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Day of collection:

    Audi A3 by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    Audi A3 by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    Debadged within two hours of collection:


    Audi A3 - Standard Rear by Tom Cash, on Flickr


    Audi A3 - Debadged by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    Since then, I've not touched it! I've actually gone over 30 days without doing something!! I'd had my last car 30 days before it was lowered with 35mm H&Rs and had 18" Turinis...

    However! That will all change soon as this week I bought some VW Helios wheels and last week I got some AP Racing Coilovers.

    I also have some yellow laminex for the fogs, and a couple of stickers (may not put those on though - I'm a massive minimalist)

    I need some tyres and centre caps for the wheels, then they'll go on with the coilies. I am thinking 215/35/19 with a slight stretch.

    That should be in the next month or so.

    Future plans are:
    • RS3 front grill
    • Xenons (maybe)
    • Front splitter (maybe)
    • Spoiler (maybe)

    Watch this space!

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Looks nice mate im a big fan of this shape a3, ive always wanted one but it was out of my price range by a little lol
    look forward to seeing updates

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    looking forward to seeing the transformation

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Cheers fellas. I'll BRB with some lows soon enough.

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    A teaser-sized update... More of a write-up here > VW Helios Wheels | Tom Cash

    I've been uber busy buying stuff!

    • VW Helios wheels
    • Nankang NS20 (215/35/19) tyres
    • AP Racing Coilovers
    • Carbon Raised number plates
    • Stickers
    • Laminex

    I still haven't got any of it fitted though, haha. It's been a long process since I bought this car in July, but I am getting there... I don't want the wheels on until I have the coilies fitted and vice-versa. Then, today, I had a set back with the wheels and now the entire set need a refurb' to ensure a match...

    Anyway! Pictures...

    VW Helios Wheel by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    A Boot full of Awesome by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    215/35/19 on 8.5J (VW Helios) by Tom Cash, on Flickr

    As soon as I get centre caps from VW, I can get a refurb'.
    As soon as I get a refurb', I can get the coilies on.
    As soon as it's slammed, I can put my fitting stickers on.

    Until then... I'll just have to carry on being patient.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    looking good Tom ,
    V6 4Motion

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Cheers man.

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    2nd Gear KittyMk1's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Crewe, But i'm a Stokie & Proud!!

    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Looking good Tom

    Cant wait to see it on the new wheels!
    Elvis - Mk1 Golf 1.8T T34 WIP

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    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    Lol me either haha. Cheers!

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    Oct 2011

    Re: Red Audi A3 (2009/8P)

    looks good dude

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