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Thread: Not a VW, but you might like it...

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    Not a VW, but you might like it...

    I bought my Cooper S in December 2003,

    The factory options were:
    Dark Silver with a white roof
    Chilli Pack
    Auto Air con
    CD Changer
    Heated washer jets/mirrors
    Rear Tinted windows

    Over the years its gone through a number of changes,

    Helped out a company in the US develop some different coloured dial faces,

    These were my second set of seats in the car,

    Changed the front grilles,

    It got a 4 page spread in Modern Mini,

    I got bored of the stockish interior so did this:

    Then finally got some coil overs and did this

    then got busy with the alcantara again

    Then my third set of seats got bought and fitted this year out of a Mk1 Audi TT Sport
    Alcantara and leather Recaro Pole Positions

    Last week I fitted an uprated lower engine mount to stop the janspeed manifold from hitting the arb under hard accleration, got a new supercharger with a smaller pulley to fit when I get time.

    Thanks for reading this rather long post!

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    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    Awesome machine matey... I miss the fun we had

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    looks lovely that dose mate

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    Those seats are so so comfy id love some in the bora
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    Really nice

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    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    Very nice fella....the wife is considering one of these

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    3rd Gear steve113's Avatar
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    May 2011
    stoke on trent

    Re: Not a VW, but you might like it...

    nice motor

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