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Thread: My Mk4 Golf

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    My Mk4 Golf

    Hi all, new member here. Been driving VW's for 5 years nearly, here's a few pics of my old projects

    Car 1: 1.4 Mk3 Golf Ryder

    Car 2: 1.4 Mk3 Golf Ryder

    Car 3: 1.9 TDI Bora

    Now to my current car, it is a 1.9 GTTDI Mk4 Golf. Originally a PD115 but now running around 160bhp and 290f/lb thanks to a map from Viezu (top guys check them out!)

    Here is a few pics of the project from start to now

    This is how it is as of last week

    So here's a quick spec:

    Subaru P1 front seats trimmed in nappa leather
    Home built false floor covered in VW black carpet
    Black dyed headliner with pink camo parts dotted around the interior
    OZ Futura Splits 17x9j fronts and 17x10j rears
    JOM Coilovers
    US Spec clear rear lights (although also heard they are euro so not sure)

    That's so far, it is currently in the bodyshop having a respray in the same colour and odd bits tidied and deleted watch this space

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    pink & Blue works welcome to the club dude

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    3rd Gear Shaun Cox's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2012

    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Finally welcome dude and why u not put a pic up when u had ur camo roof liner lol

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Cheers dude

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    Join Date
    Oct 2011

    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Welcome think ive seen you over on Automotive connection as well

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    3rd Gear Jez GTi's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    welcome along mate the car looks awesone

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2011

    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Welcome, loving the camber on that green mk3! Mind you a nice collection of VAG, you should be proud sir.
    The worst thing about chocolate body paint is the bellybutton lindt.

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    reminds me of this one from the US

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Thats where part of my inspiration came from! So much love for that car!

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisDUB91 View Post
    Thats where part of my inspiration came from! So much love for that car!
    its very tidy indeed...

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