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Thread: my little poloo :)

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    my little poloo :)

    here just a few pictures of my car let me know what you think

    after i fitted the rear coilovers and with my mates car and his mrs lupo

    tryed my mates ladys wheels on mine to see what looks like

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    Re: my little poloo :)

    Sweet little ride funky wheels

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    Re: my little poloo :)

    Don't forget to have your mate and his mrs join up here

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: my little poloo :)

    great little cars these .
    V6 4Motion

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    4th Gear sparks3's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: my little poloo :)

    Those little Polos are ture heros. Is yours the 1.05? Have been mega impressed with ours
    The worst thing about chocolate body paint is the bellybutton lindt.

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    3rd Gear Jez GTi's Avatar
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    Mar 2012

    Re: my little poloo :)

    nice little car there mate would love a rat look polo

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    Re: my little poloo :)

    Quote Originally Posted by sparks3 View Post
    Those little Polos are ture heros. Is yours the 1.05? Have been mega impressed with ours
    mines the 1.3 hoping to be 1.3 gt in near future

    thanks for the comments guys glad did wheels like that was a random idea and everyone loves them

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    2nd Gear paulmay79's Avatar
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    Sep 2011

    Re: my little poloo :)

    Ive seen this polo kicking about for a while now it always makes me smile.

    "The Bora is to the golf as the Belmont is to the astra" Richard Richmond (Rolls-Royce Plc)

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    Re: my little poloo :)

    Cool little polo. looks better with your mates gf's wheels on in my opinion but thats just me. Not seen it knocking about but i do recognise that flooded road. I've had to turn around a few times down there.

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    Re: my little poloo :)

    i agree it look millions times better with her wheels on just wont let me get my hands on them need change wheels now in need of some dishh

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