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Thread: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

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    Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Had my MK4 for 3 years now and I am still building it

    Bought the car standard but don't have any pictures of when I got it.
    My first mods to the car were
    ° Jom airblade splitter
    ° Kamie eye brows
    ° Window tints
    ° Sharan badge
    ° De-wipered
    ° Genuine Audi RS6's on 20mm H&R sacers all around
    ° Custom made grille
    ° Coilovers
    Heres how it stood

    Then I bought an anniversary kit

    Then removed the eyebrows and went back to a standard grille

    I purchased some new wheels

    also made and fitted some all red rear lights

    fitted a US rubstrip

    fitted a US rear bumper and genuine anni rear valance

    got my self a votex front valance

    Then came the mercs which I'm running for now

    my latest purchase for the car is air which Im in the middle of getting fit

    gone with air lift bags with with a manual paddle switch set-up

    Sorry for all the pics, done a few more little bits on it but haven't fitted them in

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    looks awesome so far... keep the updates flowing and hope to see it at a meet sometime soon

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    3rd Gear Jez GTi's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2012

    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    looking good mate subscribed

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    2nd Gear paulmay79's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2011

    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Very nice!!

    "The Bora is to the golf as the Belmont is to the astra" Richard Richmond (Rolls-Royce Plc)

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Looking good mate wheels look great in that colour!!!!
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    2nd Gear themac007's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2011

    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    tidy ride, wish my GTI looked that good

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    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Nice mk4 you have there mate.

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    looks great mate ,excellent work being done there.
    V6 4Motion

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    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Very, very nice Matey.

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    Re: Thatchy's MK4 GTI

    Cheers for all the comments guys, should hopefully be updating it in a week if this weather gets better

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