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Thread: My Mk4 Golf GT TDI pd130

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    My Mk4 Golf GT TDI pd130

    Got the car in November 2011

    Well after about 2 months of searching i finally found the Golf i was after, a low milage black 3 door pd130 and this one turns up about 10 minutes drive from my house at the right price so i snapped it up

    The day after i got it roughly about 200 miles away from home, i had a photoshoot in Exeter so thought id trust it and give it a good run.

    First mod, smaller ariel off a Vw Sharan

    Next up was sorting out the 4x4 stance so on went the coilovers set to roughly 90-100mm drop


    Better pic of lowering

    Now i had a better ride height was time to sort out some wheels and got offered these TT comps at a good price so gave them a damn good clean and got them on
    They do need a refurb and will be getting done when i get the chance.

    All four of them


    Next toy was a Genuine Bentley Continental gear knob which again came up at the right price so snapped it up and got it fitted.


    The standard oil cap was just to plain and looked out of place imo so went on the look for another one to tidy up the bay a bit and got offered this Audi R8 cap so again bought it and got it fitted straight away.

    Car had been left for a while withought a thorough clean and i had a day free so gave it a damn good clean and few coats of polish and wax to seal and protect it.

    Obligatory reflection shot

    Had to call into a camera shop in Bollington near Macclesfield and on the way back the a537 was calling me so had a nice drive up to the Cat and fiddle, was -3 at the time and a few corners were a little slippy but still a fun road. Also got pulled by the police on the way back down into Mac and got complimented on my driving
    Officer said to me at the side of the road 'I can tell your a more than capable driver and can drive, you also seem to know the road well but in these conditions just go a bit steadier. Its a nice car, would be a shame to crash it and i also dont want to be the one calling in at your parents house telling them some bad news'

    I accepted the compliment and went off on my way
    But while i was up by the Cat and fiddle got a shot opposite the pub.

    It dawned on me that i had the car for quite a while and never got any good shots of the car so headed out one night and got a shot id had in my head for a while, image quality has been killed where its hosted but you get the idea.

    Next bit was a little annoying to say the least, parked my car up in its usual space on the carpark outside mine and my girlfriends house, came out to it the next morning and was greeted by a load of scratches on the bonnet and bumper where it looked like someone had been sliding up and down the bonnet with jeans or something or more than likely some of the little scrotes that hand about have been ****ing on it

    So got the car into a friends unit where a washed the car off and inspected the bonnet under a better light, the picture doesnt do it justice just how bad it was but you get a rough idea of what it was like.

    So next up was to give the car a few passes with my rotory polisher using a couple of different products to try and get the marks out and luckily i managed to get most of them out.

    Then after all this tlc the first issue i had with the car.

    Killed the turbo. Seen as i had no plans of getting rid of the car anytime soon i got a brand new Garret unit also did it this way as then when remap time come i should in theory have a turbo that will take it. Was rough £800 for the turbo but worth it for the piece of mind and does pull a lot better and smoother since having it fitted.

    Seen as i had a new turbo fitted i thought it may be a good idea to fit a boost gauge just to make just it was boosting as it should with no nasty boost spikes etc, friend had got one laying around so gave him £5 it and got it fitted.

    All boosting as it should which is always a nice thing

    Next item bought for the car was another Bentley item which came up at the right price, so got it fitted straight away

    Had a show coming up so was time for another good cleaning session so again out came the polisher and my arsenal of cleaning products.
    Didnt get many pics during as i was to busy at the time trying to get the whole car done.

    One of the bonnet

    Another reflection shot, shame it was only taken on my phone but can still see how good the paint is.

    Was waiting for traffic to calm down when leaving Fast Show at Santa Pod so got the camera out and took this.

    Next job on the list is one ive been putting off for a long while but thought it was time to just bite the bullet and get them sorted, when i bought the car i could tell the rear axel bushes were on there way out. So naturally rather than going for useless oem rubber ones i ordered some Powerflex rear axel bushes

    Then it came to fitting the things

    Id read up that these were a right [email protected] to do so first got the back end of the car up in the air and dropped the rear axel down.

    Axel dropped and standard bush out, wasnt as bad as people had made out but i usually find this the case just needed a bit of heat and a minor adjustment tool (aka big hammer)

    New bush greased and pressed in then it was just a case of building back up and bleeding the brakes up as you need to disconnect the brake line to be able drop the axel down enough.

    Got to say they have made a huge improvement only thing is now i need to do the front end as you can feel how soft the front is compared to the back but will all be getting done soon.

    I THINK ive mentioned everything thats been done so far but i bet ive forgot something.

    Next on the cards is new top mounts on the front, poly wishbone bushes and its due a cambelt so will update as and when more happens

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    May 2011
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    Re: My Mk4 Golf GT TDI pd130

    Great work there mate ,looks loads better on the comps

  3. V6 4Motion

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    Re: My Mk4 Golf GT TDI pd130

    Got a marmite idea for the refurb but not seen it done so worth a shot.

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    May 2011
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    Re: My Mk4 Golf GT TDI pd130

    look forward to seeing it .
    V6 4Motion

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