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Thread: Loop the Loop

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    Loop the Loop

    Managed to transfer my old build thread over to here from the old site. Didnt realised it had changed so much.

    thought id post a few pics up of my lupo.
    its forever chainging so hopefully pleanty of updates.

    this is how he stands at the min

    lowwered about 60mm lenso bsx wheels and a good clean.

    a little bit of chequer detailing dice gear knob and DIY gaiter

    oh and a DIY "air freshener"

    I currently have a set of vibe speakers and a fli active sub but have planns for a new boot build.

    chequer filler cap and tinted tail lights with glitter stars and lightening bolt
    also debadged the boot and re-badged with fridge magnets.

    i also spent a few days giving the engine bay a bit of TLC


    iv done a bit to the car since but havnt had chance to find / take decent photographs.
    hope you enjoy the photos all comments and oppinions welcome...

    just a few updates/ found pics:

    moved the rear badge to the front

    and put a passat badge on the back

    found one from when i had wood gofaster stripes!!!

    and the MOMO wheel is now on!!!!


    had a quick go test fitting the alley cats today. might have a slight problem with poke?

    but hopefully after a bit of camber, stretch and lowwering we should be sitting nicely.


    ok so, had a slightly productive day test fitting the wheels. with the 6mm spacers i still needed to shave a small ammount of the break calipers. also gave them a coat of high temp paint in black.

    takes the car slightly closer to the ground. In the hood they call this "lowwering" apparently.

    think i have about 30mm of poke so i will be ordering the coilovers asap and some front camber adjustment bolts so i can run with minimal front camber. I will also look into geting the arches pulled out as much as I can without it looking too stupid. but hopefully after all that work i should be able to pull off some killer stance.


    right. the wobble bolts and adapter finaly arived so i thought id get all the cats on at the same time and see how much of the tread was sticking out and see what i could get away with.

    it looks like it has a touch of rear camber but this is standard. It definatly needs to come right down for a half decent stance

    Am i right in thinking that the top of the wheel tread needs to be under the arch?


    Generic VW in snow shots.


    right iv been thinking ALOT about 2011 and iv decided to restyle the lupo slightly.
    HOT ROD style!!!
    im thinking of an exaggerated raked stance for the alley cats, with whitewalls.
    no or minimal stickers.
    perhaps a bee sting exhaust?
    and a scalop paint job.
    put together a rough photoshop, what do ya think?


    finaly got the coilovers on so this weekend i wound them down and put on the alleycats. rears running a bit high as the adjuster is still in but the fromts as low as I dare go. few photos for you to enjoy.


    Managed to bag myself a runners up trophy yesterday at dubfreeze. winner of my class was a real nice white caddy pick up. was quite a good show realy happy with how it went with it being mostly an aircooled show.

    managed to comicbook and fit the handlebars (fitted them at the show)

    givven the engine bay a revamp with a couple of new parts, black engine cover, polished bolts and a bit of barbed wire

    and I managed to get the lucas wing mirrors fitted in time too


    couple of cheeky shots of the new mirrors


    Have to do an editing exam for uni so the obvious subject would be the loop. went to RAF Cosford for a little shoot, heres some photos, hopefully get the video up tomorrow


    Had a bit of a sh1t week with the loop this week. first of all drove over some red lump in the road, looked like a crisp packet but it was hard heres the damage

    had a quick look and I dont think its done any damage (other than the red dent) exhaust seems to have survived.

    next I parked my car up at tescos only to come back and find some bugger has caught my back bumper

    Iv managed to tcut and polish most of it out but its down to the plastic at one point which is annoying.

    finaly I found this lovely scuff on the front bumper I think its from a football or something.

    managed to tcut and polish it out eventualy but all in all a **** week for the loop.


    had a right nightmare with the loop last weekend. was preping it fot he show "dubs at the farm" and I managed to break my power steering bottle. fluid all over the place and an empty bottle. because of the bank holidays I couldnt get in touch with anyone that might have one. eventualy got one out of a polo in a scrapers in Canock. never the less I managed to get the car ready just in time and got to the show. all the work paid off as I won best water cooled. third trophy now


    anyways, as prommised, heres the video:

    comments welcome as allways.

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Loop the Loop

    youve done well with this mate just still not feeling that front bumper

  3. Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Loop the Loop

    I wouldn't go for the front bumper myself but after seeing it at All Types I think it looks much better in person than on a photo.

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    Re: Loop the Loop

    The thing I really really like about this car is the comic book trim all over the place

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Loop the Loop

    The comic book trim wicked
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Loop the Loop

    cheers guys I knew the bumper wouldnt be to most peoples style but I deffinatly like it, hopefully itl grow on you lol.
    got some Ideas I wana start doing to the car but just dont have any money at the moment so updates are a little slow

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    4th Gear georgevw's Avatar
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    May 2011
    rugeley, staffs

    Re: Loop the Loop

    good to see the lupos still looking well mate

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    Re: Loop the Loop

    Update time. eventualy managed to get my show plates ready. they were standard pressed plates I ordered at ultimate dubs. took me ages to get all the glue and everything off and then polish them up.

    as some of you know I went to Deva Dubs and Rods show on the sunday. pissed it down from start to finish. meant I couldnt get the camera out. Good news is I came away with a top 5 trophy was pretty shocked tbh. some damn good compettition.

    The girlfriend and I headed out towards Oswestry for a couple of days after the show. raised the car up quite a bit and stuck the larger wheels on. still hit the road a couple of times silly welsh roads.

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Loop the Loop

    well done on the trophy mate
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Loop the Loop

    Cheers fella, like I said couldnt believe I got a trophy was some real nice cars there.

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