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Thread: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

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    My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Sup peoples.

    This is My 1991 Mk2 gti 8v.

    And these are after i week of having it. These pictures are truly ****e, My camera screen broke and i just guessed while taking the pictures, Hence why the angles and stuff are poo !!

    Oh and mind the union jack flag, The geezer who had it before had some mahusive 6x9's sticking out the parcelshelf. There is now a stealth shelf there .

    And this is whats happening now.

    Currently undergoing a ABF conversion, Should be finished this weekend. Ill keep the thread up to date when i can .

    Well as said the conversion has started.

    Most of the pictures are the parts we've bought etc etc.

    Here goes O0.

    The donor car before the strippage .

    Last journey done

    Engine shot...

    Front end off

    How it was left at the end of the day.

    Day 2.
    Started off by having the engine out, taking off the gearbox and putting the engine on the stand. When the gearbox was removed , Engine oil was fount in it. Further inspection revealed the big end seal has gone. Massive job if the engine is in the car, 10 minute job with it out Should only cost a couple of quid for a new seal too.

    Anyhow, time for a few pics...
    Engine out

    Gearbox off too

    The all important badge...

    Rocker cover off, looked at the cams and they seem in good condition

    Next off was the head

    Closer inspection of the bores and pistons look good

    In this one you can even see the original honing marks

    After I gave it a through clean down using a combination of BBQ cleaner and brake+clutch cleaner!
    Then came the paint...

    Those were taken when it was fresh on, it'll darken down once it's dry.
    Think you'll agree the block is looking much better for a clean and a lick of paint

    Day 3
    Parts turning up, nice discs too:

    Hubbs. I'll get pics when the paints dry and they're built up properly...

    Old Vs New water pumps

    New parts we got today

    Brake Caliper Painted up

    The head back from the VW geezer.

    Building it back up with the cams...

    Its fitted back on the engine and currently being built back up. While It was, We got a mk3 diesel windage tray. Not sure why VW fitted them to diesels, but it stops oil getting too far up the engine when hard cornering. Also took the oil pump out and inspected it, pleased to say it's a clean as a whistle

    Quick before shot.. (Mk2 getting stripped)

    Like this shot...

    Strip down began, got the front end off and one of the hubs, found a lot of cable ties holding various things on!

    Unfortunately, I found the this on the radiator...

    Found this under the battery...

    Only surface rust, but either way, I'll do any necessary repairs.

    Last one, the loom is removed from the scuttle panel and down the chassis legs. If all goes well it'll be out tomorrow.

    First off, We think the car has been in a light smack. When we pulled off the bumper, We noticed that the sides were held on to your car with cable ties. Then we noticed that the plastic outside of the bumper wasn't connected to the metal iron at all, upon further inspection, All of the plastic clips that hold the plastic to the metal iron were long gone...

    Here are the side bits, you can see the tops are broken, this is where is should guide it onto the wing.

    It's just as well we found it as it appears that two cable ties were the only things holding the plastic outside of the bumper to the car at all! If one gave way, your bumper could have come flying off!
    The good news is we want back and had a look at the chassis legs and it appears that the bumper is the only damaged thing. The legs seem fine and rot free too.

    We also fount out today that unfortunately only the back box is stainless steel, the rest is mild steel.

    not only that, but the front box has been leaking too

    Looks like a new straight threw exhaust is going to be purchased O0.

    While we were under the car we had a good look at the chassis and there doesn't seem to be any rot at all. One or two places where the factory under seal has come off and a touch of surface rust has set in, but nothing that can't be fixed with a de-rust and fresh under seal. We couldn even see any evidence of any repairs. Happy Days !!

    Finally got the hubs off without breaking any more breaker bars! .... Mmmmmmm big breaks .

    Also, as you know we had the engine out...

    A rust free engine bay ;D.

    Then we turned our attention to the loom and the interior...

    Over a week ago my dash casually caught fire and then none of my lights would work.haha
    And heres the source of the burning smell and lack of lights!!!

    Managed to remove the effected loom.

    Then finally the whole engine loom out...

    Leaving a rather bare engine bay...

    So we returned to the workshop to busy ourselfes with the interior. After some arguments with the wiring (someone thought it would be a good idea to route the immobiliser wiring through the steering column!) We managed to get rid of those horrible pedals and trial fit the new pedal box
    Apologies in advance if the following pictures sets of any OCD

    I assure you, the new pedal box is in there somewhere!

    Then finally we modified the bulkhead to sit flat against the new pedal box ready for us to drill the holes for the new clutch master cylinder.

    You can just see the blue bit of paint we put on there to protect it. We will get some paint the correct colour and get it sorted as soon as my paint supplier comes back to work

    first off we got all the holes drilled for the new clutch master cylinder and test fitted it. Fitted like a glove

    Then we removed the pedalbox to make some modifications, the fist problem we found was that the pedalbox must have come out of a particularly late Corrado and the throttle cable hook was different to the normal mk2 one.

    This is what the Corrado one looks like...

    Whereas the mk2 one is simply a hole with a rubber bush. this wouldn't usually be a problem as you could use a Corrado throttle cable. However, VW don't make the Corrado ones and neither to anyone else nowadays so buying replacements in the future would be particularly hard. So we got creative...

    That isn't going to fall off any time soon

    Also while we had the welder out, We thought we should address another problem. You can see here the box that the clutch master cylinder attaches to.

    Now this box has only a couple spot welds stopping the lid from popping off when you push the clutch in and making the car undriveable. This actually happened to my other halves A3 back in the summer and we didn't want this happening to mine, so we had a go with that too. Hard to tell from the pics as it's been painted, but there's no way it's popping off now

    Once the paint was dry, it went back in for the final fit.

    Also the correct crankshaft oil seal turned up so It got picked up after work. Then fitted it along with the new clutch (which we tested to make sure it couldn't foul the flywheel bolts like the last)new pressure plate and new thrust bearing, then the gearbox!

    Well, where do I start?

    We had the old rod change shifter out and immediately done something I'm sure you'll be keen to see...

    Yes, the car is now a 16v

    That was on the first fit, had to eye up the modifications needed to make the four branch fit. This is why people say it isn't possible...

    But we spent the whole night, marking up, unbolting the manifold, dropping off the cross member, taking the engine out, dropping off the subframe, modifying the bulkhead, re-fitting the subframe, putting back the engine, re-attaching the cross member bolting back the manifold, assessing it, re-marking and then repeat! The engine went in and out about 4 times, but got there in the end! It now fits with good clearance

    While we had off the subframe, We took the opportunity to properly inspect the wishbone bushes and they're shot. They actually look original! So we are going to get some audi TT ones, they're not as harsh as polyurethane, but they're solid rubber so give a good feel and last longer too.

    Unfortunately, the lambda boss is on the wrong side of the manifold! There's no room for it once the engine is in. Not a major headache, just means we have to buy another lambda boss, then cut a hole and weld it in the other side. Also, now we've had the engine in and were happy with the mounts to use (mk2/mk3 etc) We are going to buy a new set of engine mounts, the two rear ones, We'll fit new standard and the front one We'll fit a solid one. This will give improved throttle response, will last the life of the car and will also limit in car vibrations.

    From ordering to recieving the exhaust to less than 24 hours .. Well impressed.
    Couldn't resist having a look inside and seeing the goods

    Now isn't that gonna look a damn site better than that oval tailpipe?! O0

    Then we turned our attention to the wiring...

    You ever have one of those 'what the fook have I got myself into?' thoughts? Well I did having a look at that!

    Nevertheless, We got stuck in and after a 2 hour arguement we finally got it sitting right in the engine bay

    Then there's all this waiting to be plugged in too!

    And finally before we left for the night we had a look at the brake servo and noticed a little surface rust on it, so off it came and on went the paint...

    New bumpers have arrived.

    Not particularly good news though . There are a few imperfections

    I've taken pictures of the marks in question, the rear one is the worse, the front one isn't so bad.
    Front one, not so bad have to look closer to see it.

    And the rear, this is the worst as it's actually dented in to the plastic...

    I'm going to ring up and get the rear one picked up as I'm really not happy with it but i reckon the front one will be ok after its been cleaned etc etc.

    Since these pictures were taken, Its all been put back together and pretty much finished. Stupid camera broke so unfortunately ..... No pictures.

    Cheers for looking !!.

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Great build thread!

    Lots of effort.

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    Staffs, of course.

    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    You HAVE to keep this thread going! - Nice one! A brilliant build thread, as said above.

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Cheers lads, To be honest i think the next time pictures will be up it will be of me driving it haha.

    Ill be doing a couple of shoots with it this weekend, Plus ill be having a big detail on it for the meet on sunday if its still on.

    Thanks agen for the comments !

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Cracking build will be nice to see it running on Sunday!!!!
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Fantastic build thread and looks well worth all the effort you put in.

    Is that it now then, or plenty more planned for it?
    Post whore status: Winding up

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    cracking stuff mate ,some quality work being done there .

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Cheers for all the commenets.

    Quote Originally Posted by M1lky Dizzle View Post
    Fantastic build thread and looks well worth all the effort you put in.

    Is that it now then, or plenty more planned for it?
    Erm, for the moment thats it 'Big' wise. Over the next month or so there will be some small changes to do with the interior and just some tidying up on the outside. But ill update the thread when that happens .

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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    I should know this but I dont.... what are the wheels?

    Also did you paint them yourself or get them done?
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    Re: My Mk2 gti ... 2.0 16v.

    Quote Originally Posted by M1lky Dizzle View Post
    I should know this but I dont.... what are the wheels?

    Also did you paint them yourself or get them done?
    There compomotive Th mono's. They were already like that when i got the car mate, the rears need refurbing , Just need to find someone to do them .

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