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Thread: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

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    Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Here we go ive had my ibiza for nearly a year and up to yet got quite a bit done so far we have

    H+R 35/40mm lowering springs
    Whiteline rear ARB
    Pipercross panel fiter
    Milteck turbo back exzaust
    Helix single mass flywheel conversion with group N clutch and cover
    Powerflex engine steady bush lower wishbone bushes and front ARB bushes

    So a bit done their so far
    Im booked in with the guys at BVR on monday for my turbo dynamics MD515 to be fitted and mapped they have got me in realy quick and sorted the map and fitting at an awesome price so top notch work
    Any way ill get some pics up when ive got some more time and give you the outcome of the latest mad mod thanks smiff

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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    sweet... wondered who's motor it was when Dave told me about this...

    Some serious work you've got planned for it...

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    VIP Member seanyb's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Sounds awesome, what power you chasing?

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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    I would like 220bhp+ but its the tourqe more than anything im hoping for 400ftlb should make for a fun drive it all ready kills most things but still gets the mpg a few more bits after that then im done and should last me for a few years or untill i get bored and need more power prob about a month lol

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Sounds champion mate!!! Performance diesels are the future
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Will be a quick motor once it's had the turbo and map done.

    Anything more than 220bhp and you'll be needing bigger injector nozzles.

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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread


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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Saw it on the ramps today....looked good.

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    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Surely Dave took photos......

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    Game Boy Biscuit's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Stoke on trent

    Re: Ibiza cupra tdi build thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    Surely Dave took photos......

    You would think !!!

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