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Thread: My MK5 R32

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    My MK5 R32

    Here's my Mk5 R32 brought in December 2010 as a standard R32with 62000, since then i've fitted:

    Some nice new Wheels & tyres
    Cat back stainless exhaust
    Rear wiper delete
    Custom made air intake
    Front number plate removed
    German style plates
    Wind deflectors
    MK1 gti style stripes
    ipod adaptor
    some tweeks with vag-com include
    city lights (indicators light up with side lights both at a reduced brightness)
    Auto lock
    Emergency brake light flash
    headlights auto on at 90mph (on a private road )

    Air intake started like this, cardboard template

    transfered to metal, cut out & folded

    fastened together, test fit lookin good

    painted & installed with filter

    One home made air intake

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    do you live around here? as these are taken just down the road from me...

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    ye not far away only in newcastle

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulR32 View Post
    ye not far away only in newcastle
    Cool.... love the R32... wouldn't mind one myself but couldn't justify the speeding tickets that I'd pick up by owning one

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    Active Member Buckers's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: My MK5 R32

    You didn't used to own a blue mk2 back in the day did you?

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    Like that alot

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    Member t1m's Avatar
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    May 2011
    in the garage

    Re: My MK5 R32

    really like this ,great job on the air intake .

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    is the exhaust custom or which one have you got?

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    VIP Member Wrighty's Avatar
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    May 2011
    crusing about

    Re: My MK5 R32

    very very nice cant wait to see this ill have an r32 one day
    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: My MK5 R32

    Quality job on the air intake
    Loving you're motor, i was looking at these the other day, roll on the boy finishing nursery to free up some funds

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