Been a VAG tastic week all round.

Thursday- Grey Mk2 GTi at a house I went to for an appointment. VR6 conversion, twin turbos and 320bhp with a very tasteful respray
Friday- Baby blue Mk2 GTi on M6 J10a, huge Borbet alloys. 6n Polo, red and on the floor along with a G40 in green looking factory fresh. In company with a silver 6n with a female driving and a huge dent in the nearside wing. Couple of Beetles including an oval window
Saturday- Very unintentional ratty (I think) T25 panel Lichfield Road, Stafford. Got to work to find one of the lads in his 'new' VR6 mk3 and on the way home was buzzed by a black Golf R on a 61 plate at 14. The bloke down the road with the splitty now appears to have a T2 early bay as well now.
Sunday- Ran home in convoy with a bright blue S3 all the way to 14

Been treated to updates of my mate's T4 panel to day van conversion- N-reg 1.9tdi with 54k on the clock!! Fresh respray and already prepped ready for kitchen and seats to go in. News that the little bro is seriously considering a J reg 8v Mk2 in bright black.

More than anything its such a pleasure to see so many old dubs still kicking about!