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Thread: F1 - 2013

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    F1 - 2013

    We should see some good action again this year, lets see how Hamilton can hold up now with a different car underneath him.

    Will we see Button in the top 5 again? Will Vittel win again?

    Discussion thread

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    Re: F1 - 2013

    what do we think of the new cars?

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    Re: F1 - 2013

    It's hard to stay who will do what till after the first race in Melbourne, the usual 3 will be the main contenders again Vettel, Button, Alonso
    Hamilton and Mercedes will need more time together 2014 may be their year

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    Re: F1 - 2013

    I think Raikonnen will be in the mix, he and Lotus make a good team. Will we be doing the Fantasy F1 again so I can beat you all again?
    You wouldn't cut me up like that if I had an on board camera would you?

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    Re: F1 - 2013


    Todays race saw this over the radio

    LAP 51
    "I'm so much faster, let me go past," says Nico Rosberg.
    Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn replies: "Negative Nico, negative. Lewis' pace is what we're asking him to do. He could go a lot faster as well."

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    Re: F1 - 2013

    Looks like there could be trouble in both the Redbull and Mercedes teams tonight
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    Re: F1 - 2013

    It's crazy... Rosberg just wanted more points...

    I think they should scrap this No.1 & 2 driver stuff and have divisions within each team so they are pitted against each other...

    It's a race at the end of the day... best driver wins...

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    Re: F1 - 2013

    Agree Jon, should just let them race
    1990 Scooby powered T3 My Daily + 15 Polo Wife's Daily - Need any welding Drop me a MP

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    2nd Gear
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    Nov 2012
    Heath Hayes

    Re: F1 - 2013

    If Hamilton and Rosberg had been allowed to race and go flat out I bet neither would have made it to the end. They probably miscalculated on fuel as there was no more rain and no safety cars. The Mercs were as fast as the Red Bulls so it's looking good for the future.
    As for the Red Bulls it was obvious that team orders were in play after the last tyre stop but Vettel chose to ignore this. If there had been an accident then he would have looked a right [email protected]@t but fortunately there wasn't as Webber gave him room when he went past. he could easily have run him wide off the track.
    If a similar situation occurs again I would expect that Webber would make sure an accident did occur.
    Vettel should allow Webber to take a win the next time they have a 1-2 but it's not likely to happen as Vettel is just too focussed on getting number 4 and catching up with Schumi.


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    Re: F1 - 2013

    Great race so far...

    Looks like the man will do it today

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