In just a few days Formula 1 will return to racing, beginning the 2015 season in Australia. Last year brought with it a tremendous number of changes, and Mercedes was the strongest team, walking away with both first and second place in the drivers championship, and the constructors title was earned well before the end of the season.

The cars saw a ton of changes last year, with most criticizing the lack of noise as one of the biggest flaws. The front end designs weren't the best looking, and as a whole most would say that the technological advancements with small engines and hybrid powerplants have taken much of the edge out of the sport. The 2015 cars will be very similar to the full redesign brought to us in 2014, but with some changes among the teams in regards to engine/chassis manufacturers, and the return of Honda to Formula 1.

We also enter the 2015 season with no significant updates on the condition of Jules Biachi. It has been over 5 months since he suffered severe head trauma from an accident at Suzuka in Japan under severely rainy conditions. A few months ago he was transported back to France and taken out of the medically induced coma, yet he hasn't regained consciousness since the accident. And in similar news, there is still speculation as to the condition of Michael Schumacher after his skiing accident in December, 2013. He's reportedly regained consciousness, but is dealing with a very slow recovery.

And lastly, there have been some major driver changes among some of the top teams. Vettel has joined Ferrari to replace Alonso, who has moved to McLaren to team up with Button. Kvyat moves up to RedBull, and we have the youngest driver of all time, Max Verstappen, joining Toro Rosso.

It seems it should be an interesting year in Formula 1!