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Thread: HOW to lower me lupo

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    Oct 2011

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    have a look here: http://www.staffs-vw.co.uk/other-bra...w-project.html

    my mechanical skills are very basic and id class my self as a complete newb to it but it really isnt that hard to do at all, hardest part was splitting the ball joint and getting the track rod end off.

    the right tools always make the job 10x easier tho

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    1st Gear
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    Oct 2012

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    If you ask me my friend lower his lupo 60/40 on springs and soon went and got some jom coilovers they've been on his car for 2 years now and still in full working order! ive gone jom on my bora cant complain really and mines quite low tbh! spend the extra and on coilovers and most garages will fit them to how low you want it for around 25/30quid a corner. if you need some one fit them in the stoke area inbox me and i'll give you my friends number he'll sort you out!

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    Member R0b3rt's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    stafford midlands

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    sweet im thinking around 60/40 and some nice wheels now to decide alloy or steel banded hmmmm

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    2nd Gear DENTOUT's Avatar
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    Jan 2013

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    Iv got 60/40 for sale or swap for your stock springs plus small amount of cash?

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    1st Gear
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    Nov 2012

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    .fk coil overs are good value for money. Fitted loads of these and never had any problems. If they are out of your budget them jom are ok but the insert sometimes come loose but only sometimes again fitted loads of these to. If u need them fitted pm me and I'll sort u out not a problem just fitted coilovers on the windscreen doctors t5 so it's not a monster truck now

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    HOW to lower me lupo

    Our courtesy car is on H&R Cup springs and shocks kit, drives nice but not adjustable.

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    2nd Gear Bking Rob's Avatar
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    Jul 2012

    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    Quote Originally Posted by DENTOUT View Post
    @biking rob I usued jom on my mk3 for a few months,... I wouldnt bother, very bouncy, and dunno bout now but they were using platic height adjuster collars,
    One day, a big pothole jumped out at me, the plastic collar collapsed and that was the end of that... I would pay the extra and buy something else personally
    Thanks for the tip , got some Apex coilovers off JC now and they seem to be quite good . Better than riding around on sloppy cut springs like the chap I bought it off had done ! Like riding round on a jelly lol

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    Re: HOW to lower me lupo

    Anyone fancy fitting 4x lowering springs (60f/40r) on my sons lupo? If so, how much? We're in Trentham.

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