The theory test has been around since 1996 and the DSA (driving standards
agency) freely published the questions and answers for the candidates to learn.

However, this has now changed and from January 2012 a bank of new questions will
be used for the theory test and the answers will not be made available to

DSA’s chief executive Rosemary Thew said: “The reason behind the move is to
stop candidates from simply memorising theory test questions and answers and
learning by rote. The new books contain questions and answers for revision and
also explain the theory behind each question.

“This approach to learning will help candidates to gain a better knowledge
and understanding of driving theory which will help them respond correctly to
the new, re-worded live questions used in the actual test.”

Without being able to just learn answers to questions, candidates will be
encouraged to actually think more about the highway code and learn more about
the principles behind driving, hopefully making for better drivers and an
improved theory test pass rate.

Theory test pass rates

The pass rate for the current Theory Test is at its lowest for five years.
The DSA believe that this is because learners aren’t preparing properly.

Around 1.5 million car Theory Tests were attempted in 2009/10 with almost 4
in 10 tests resulting in a fail.
With over 1,200 questions in the current official DSA revision bank,
candidates must be prepared to put in a considerable amount of effort if they
are to walk out of the test centre with a pass certificate.
It’s vital that
candidates study the latest edition of the Highway Code, learn and understand
the principles behind all of the official revision questions, and develop
their hazard perception skills.