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Thread: Crewe Volkswagen

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    Crewe Volkswagen

    Crewe Volkswagen
    Third Avenue,
    Weston Road,
    CW1 6XZ

    01270 507050

    Anyone had dealings with them? please give your opinions here

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    1st Gear Stan's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Weston Coyney

    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    We had our 2010 polo from here at the start of last year, on collection the valet was very poor, there was still the previous owners cd`s and rubbish in the car (was the directors daughters old car) as well as cup marks in all the holders. The service book etc was missing as well as the life shine kit that should have been in. After a lengthy complaint it was all sorted and they even gave us a set of carpet mats for the inconvienience. We took the car back there for its service a couple of weeks ago and to be honest they were pretty good, considering the place was upside down due to building/refurb work.

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    1st Gear Keithuk's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Stoke on Trent

    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    Well when I ordered mine and they said 3 months delivery I said you have got to be joking I will goto Crewe to see if they can get it fast. They said it doesn't work like that each dealer has a certain number of models they can sell. Once they are sold they have to wait for the next months allocation. They said they had people ringing up from London asking if they could buy a GTD as all the dealers down there had used up their allocation. Stoke were only allowed 3 GTD's, 1 I bought which left 1 for sale plus the demo car.

    I had mine from Stoke Volkswagen not Crewe.

    I thought the idea of dealer sales was to sell as many cars as they could not what they were allocated?
    2010 Golf GTD (170) CBBB, 5 Door, Shadow Blue (P6/D5Q), Flat Tyre Indicator, Basic Protection Pack + VCDS.

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    Mar 2012

    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    I've just signed up here to share my experience of Crewe Volkswagen, although I will probably hang around and post a bit too as you're all fairly local. I'm from Nantwich.

    I ordered a Golf GTI from Crewe Volkswagen in Sept 2011. I was told it would be 3-6 months for the factory order. I asked if the had factory allocation for a GTI and they said "YES" - I checked with managers there who also said yes, so I placed the order. After a month and a half, and numerous telephone calls to Volkswagen UK, we finally came to the conclusion that Crewe VW had NO factory allocation and I was even told they were trying to buy/trade allocation with other dealers, albeit unsuccessfully. They lied to me and wasted a month and a half of my time. Consequently, I lost money on my A3 and I had to get it taxed and MOT'd.

    I then ordered the car from Chester Volkswagen, who by the way have been EXCELLENT throughout. They sent me screenshots to "prove" they had allocation etc after the mess with Crewe Volkswagen and I trusted Chester 100%. The car arrived about 3 months later, I drove away happy. After 300 miles, the car started making a high pitched noise from the water pump. The water pump was replaced by Chester, the salesman even gave me his car to use while mine was being repaired, and all was good again.

    A week or so prior to this, I went to Crewe Volkswagen to have a look around and I noticed confidential documents with customers full details on them, casually left in the window. They had the customers full name, address, order details including car/model, payment details and so on. This was in the evening, when they were closed on the weekend. I took a photo and posted it on the Swansway Group Facebook page. It was immediately removed and they commented saying "Hi Scott, thank you for bringing this to our attention, though I should note that we felt we needed to hide your post as we don't wish to further broadcast the details. However, we respect the privacy of our customers and as such, we are investigating this incident to make sure that nothing like this happens in the future." Fair enough, I thought.

    After getting my car back from Chester Volkswagen, I noticed the coolant was slightly low. Rather than drive 25 miles to Chester, I decided to pop into Crewe Volkswagen and have them top up my coolant. I went in and went straight to the service desks, where I was greeted by Neil, the workshop controller, who immediately began shouting at me - asking why I was taking photos, what was I doing there, and telling me to leave, how Crewe VW are refusing to deal with me, in a very loud and aggressive manner. Of course, I asked to speak to his manager, and I followed Neil as he stormed off into a room where there were lots of managers having a meeting. They asked Neil what the problem was, and he said "This is Scott, he took the photo" - the managers were shocked at the way Neil was behaving, and they took me to another room and apologised profusely, saying if they had known it was me then they would have thanked me for bringing it to their attention. Neil made a show of both himself and me in a showroom full of customers.

    I was so shocked that this happened, as a Volkswagen customer, so I have raised it with Swansway Garages and also Volkswagen UK at director level. I have been assured it is being dealt with by the Crewe Volkswagen brand manager. I imagine they might end up reading this ? but so what, it's all true. I'm sure it will give them sometime else to say next time in pop in and say hello.

    I have previously had problems with Crewe Audi (although that was sales, service have been really good and I was very happy with them, they all knew me by name etc). I also had some very big problems with Swansway Accident Repair Centre after having a minor respray which IMHO was unsatisfactory, this ended up being escalated to Audi UK and a Swansway director, but was never properly resolved.

    I do not recommend any Swansway owned company, especially not Crewe Volkswagen. Unless you like having your time wasted and being verbally abused by the fat controller.

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    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    I had my golf serviced and MOT'd there the other week. There was a few problems with the car when I took it in, one of the steering controls was buzzing, there was a problem with the EGR valve and the air con was not working. The car was about a week from the end of it's warranty at this point. The steering control was changed and they changed something on the EGR valve with no problems. However when it come to the air con problem they tested it and said that there was a leak due to stone damage on the condenser so it was not covered by the warranty so I bought an after market part and had a friend who is a mechanic change the condenser.

    Now here is the bit I have got an issue with. The condenser does not appear to have any stone damage to it so I am now wondering if they have lied to me and that this should have been covered by the warranty.

    I have not had the system gassed yet so I still don't know if changing the condenser has cured the problem so I will post again when I get it gassed on Saturday.

    Also while having this job done the drivers side head light bracket has been broken so I have now got to buy a new one
    (any idea how much this part costs?)

    So all in all I'm not a happy chappy!

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    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    Re post above:

    Had the air con re gassed and the air con is still not working! at this point I decided to pressure test the alleged stone damaged condenser my self by connecting a foot pump to it and blocking the other pipe I then submerged the condenser in the bath and pressurised it to about 40 PSI and guess what no bubbles so armed with this knowledge I took it back to VW Crewe and told them all about my issue so they booked the car in and was told that the compressor is faulty this time. As you can imagine I hit the F"@king roof! now £200 worse off and a considerable amount of inconvenience.
    This is obviously a serious matter so I have rang VW UK and informed them of this issue. In my opinion they knew full well that the problem was the compressor and were going to claim for a new compressor from VW and then charge me for a new condenser at £511 and I would have been none the wiser.

    I will never use this dealer again.
    Last edited by Rusty Bullet; 25-04-2012 at 10:36 AM.

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    Re: Crewe Volkswagen

    I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!

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