Thereís been a long-standing division between sales and marketing thatís frequently discussed but few organizations have been able to resolve email database .On the ground it might seem like an age-old cultural friction but a survey conducted by Demand Gen shows us this lack of alignment between sales and marketing will directly impact your bottom line.

Lamenting over the issue brings to mind sales pointing at marketing, placing blame for poor lead quality on the campaigns and activity of the marketing department.
On the flip side, marketing feel like theyíre generating perfectly good leads, and thereís no reason a good sales team shouldnít be able to close them.
Iíve been on both sides of the fence, and while those sound like typical scenarios, the study from DemandGen shows that contention over leads isnít the biggest concern. The main issue is that the departments arenít talking. Thereís tremendous opportunity for the sales team to leverage content and resources provided by marketing. Likewise marketing can learn a lot about customers, barriers, and pain points from sales.

But thatís not being effectively deployed.
Nearly half of respondents point to communication as the top issue while 43% said the problem has to do with flawed and broken processes.
Among sales teams, 37% want more lead nurturing and improved brand awareness.
Subsequently, 15% of marketing respondents are seeking better feedback on campaigns and 34% would like to see improved lead follow-up once content campaigns and inbound marketing drive those leads to the sales team.

Without strong communication between sales and marketing, it becomes far more difficult for both departments to get their needs met and achieve goals. This is because:

  • Marketing isnít providing updated audience insights
  • Sales isnít communicating new barriers among leads
  • Sales wonít know what content can be used to assist with closing
  • Marketing canít generate new content for bottlenecks in the sales funnel
  • Both departments are out of sync on the buyerís journey

When you begin to close the gap between sales and marketing youíll immediately see an improvement in the data and resources that travel in both directions; sales can provide deeper insights into audience relationships and marketing can use that data to provide sales with a wealth of targeted content.
Itís a mutually beneficial relationship that makes everyoneís job easier.
Sales can in turn use that content to delight current customers, build relationships with leads, improve engagement, and close more deals.
Here how your sales team can add content marketing to their processes to significantly improve conversions.
Transform Sales Representative into Thought Leaders

The first, and arguably most important, step is to change the mindset about the role of sales and how they position themselves with your audience.
Traditionally, a sales rep only connects with a lead as part of the buying process and engagement revolves around passing product/service supportive information to close a sale ceo email list . Filler talk doesnít really count.

Nothing about that approach is going to help close the deal unless the lead has made up their mind and theyíre ready to buy. In most cases the purchases you get have little to do with the sales rep because thereís virtually no trust or established relationship.