The worst offending areas in the country for drivers on the road without car insurance has been revealed in a new study.
Bordesley in Birmingham tops the list, where nearly one in three drivers is without a policy. This is 7.66 times the national average.

Half of the top 20 uninsured driving hotspots are in Birmingham.

Other insurance blackspots include parts of Essex, Manchester and West Yorkshire.
The study by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which provides compensation to victims of uninsured and untraced drivers, found that almost a third of motorists are driving without insurance in some parts of Britain.

Their reckless behaviour costs claims firms up to £500million a year – and adds an average of £30 to every single annual premium.
The damning figures go some way to explaining why the cost of running a car is rocketing for law-abiding drivers.
With nearly 1.4million uninsured drivers on UK roads, Britain has one of the worst records in Western Europe, with about one in 25 drivers not having insurance.

Around 23,000 people are injured and 160 killed by uninsured and untraced drivers every year.
Incredibly, research by the MIB found that one in ten 18 to 34-year-old drivers is unaware that car insurance is a legal requirement. Police say there is a high correlation between uninsured driving and other crimes, with offenders five times more likely to be involved in road collisions, fail to comply with traffic laws, or be engaged in criminal activity.