Thanks for the welcome, so I thought I'd start by posting my brief introduction.

We bought our 1991 T4 SWB camper in October, but we are due for our first proper trip out round Northumberland soon.

Over winter, a few mechanical issues have been resolved (new radiator, gear linkage bushes etc) and a few minor interior mods (split charger fitted, wrapped the bland white interior cupboards with a bit of vinyl, usb/12v/voltmeter fitted) and we are ready to go.

The only thing that lets it down is the paintwork, which looks like it was done in the dark by a blindfolded man whose last job was painting an Airfix model. By god it's rough!

We've also joined Britstops to get some overnight stops planned.

Hoping to gain some useful info and hopefully get along to a couple of shows and meetups (if it ever stops raining!)

p.s. any idea why my pics won't upload?