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Thread: Urban Exploration

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    Urban Exploration

    Anyone par-take?

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    A local one to me,

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    Nice, love going around places like that!

    Amazed all the steel girders are still in the floor though with the price of scrap!

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    Are those from when we went, or have you revisited?

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    Quote Originally Posted by Pobsey View Post
    Are those from when we went, or have you revisited?
    our last visit.... although I did venture down with the caddy last year to play hide and seek with security......

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    haha, call me when your going again.

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    VIP Member seanyb's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Re: Urban Exploration

    Cool topic, all these places local?..

    Used be able get in an about in a slaughter house just up the road till some tool fell through the roof an it got bulldozed!

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    Re: Urban Exploration

    Need a locations thread for places like this.

    Wouldn't recommend going alone though in case something happened because you'd never be found!

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