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Thread: The Photography thread....

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    The Photography thread....

    Took a photo... post it in here... Got a new camera? ask for tips..... anything goes....

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    Re: The Photography thread....

    Will be asking alot from the end of the month, of to get a nice shiny new DSLR tomorrow but saving it for my bday present

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    crusing about

    Re: The Photography thread....

    i try my best with my camera its a canon powershot A480 its 10mp and has 3.3x optical zoom it was a crimbo present and was only £50

    Fully fledged member of the 8V death squad

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    Re: The Photography thread....

    A couple of quick ones...

    Zoomed in

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    May 2011
    Staffs, of course.

    Re: The Photography thread....

    Some arty shots. Taken all of these on my iphone. Some of them with a 3. And edited them on the phone too.


    Could only get the small ones to attach. Need to increase the limits.

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    Post Your Pics

    Seen this done and work on my home forum, so thought why not have one here?

    Iv just got myself a Canon 500D and i'm completely new to the DSLR photography thing but here's a couple from me...

    Also got myself a flickr account, feel free to have a look and add me


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    Re: Post Your Pics

    Looks good, something i would like to get into but i feel like i wouldn't take a big camera anywhere for fear of damaging it so would miss out on most shots.

    I'll keep a eye on the thread though cause is should have some nice pics on here.

    Here is one i took with my compact Olympus tough 8010

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    Re: The Photography thread....

    I could post all day in here

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    Re: The Photography thread....

    Show off

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    Re: The Photography thread....

    Where did you take the pic of the tiger? Looks close

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