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Thread: Light painting - torch recommendations

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    Light painting - torch recommendations

    Hey fellow light painters

    What kit do you use for light painting? List it here!

    Also, what torches do you recommend for different budgets and different scenarios?

    I use a Yongnuo YN-467 for fill light and interior.

    I'm also using a 72 LED work lamp (rectangle) for light painting cars but that's not very effective at the moment.

    What torches are good, on a tight budget? Any experience with ones from supermarkets?

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    one of these

    and then x2 speedlites for internal and undercar

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    Where's that one from? Is that an external power source with it? The one I have is too dim. (Homebase job)

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    I recently purchased a LED Lenser P7 torch and I have a Canon Speedlight 430EX II, which I plan to use in the future too.

    I want a LED Lenser V24 Torch, 7-Colour Change Light Stick and something similar to what Jon has there.

    I'm going to see how I get with my current setup a bit more first. I've only been out a couple of times and once was for location tests.

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    that's the charging cable, it can be run off mains power as it came with an in-car charger and mains charger

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    Cheers guys.

    I'd love one of those Lenser torches, but Christ they're pricey!

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    £30 if you know where to look. Mine was £32 on eBay.

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom View Post
    £30 if you know where to look. Mine was £32 on eBay.
    My only issue with that is that some people are listing them as "genuine" so it raises my suspicions of the cheaper one's.

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    Pah! Law is law - if they do send a fake, you can screw them for it via eBay.

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    Re: Light painting - torch recommendations

    Got myself a P7 for when the weather clears....

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