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Thread: Polar Expedition along the Tundra

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    Polar Expedition along the Tundra

    From Yakutia to the Taymyr Peninsula in passenger cars! The journey that has never been taken by anyone. 33 days and 5000 km

    The expedition starts in Neryungri (the lowest in a chain red point) and heads for Norilsk.

    An asphalt highway from Yakutsk to Mirny (“Peaceful”). An average speed is 100 km/h.

    Because of the permafrost there are no any springs and wells here, so the locals have to saw the “drinking water” out of small rivers. The ice is clean and the water is good.

    The Mir kimberlite pipe. And the town of Mirny in the background, for the scale so to speak.

    500 km of a perfect road to Udachny (“Lucky”).

    Your height is the same as the wheel of this truck.

    Almost no traffic.

    As it darkens, it becomes cold. The temperature is about -43… -45 º C. Once the road goes a little lower, the temperature drops to -50 º C.

    Looking for a place to spend the night, it was decided to climb as high as possible so that it wasn’t so cold.
    The morning invigorates, -50 º C.

    High banks, a broad road. This is where lies the power of the North.
    3000 km are passed and the 9th day of the expedition is over.

    Mobile connection still works here…

    Its population is about 2000 people. Houses, shops, a school – the town has everything.

    Its people are very civilized. No tents, sleds or national dresses. They live in modern houses, wear ordinary clothes, have electricity, telephone and even the Internet.

    Drinking water is usually kept near the houses.

    The colors of the north sky.

    It’s the border between Yakutia and Taymyr. The tundra and desolate expanses of snow.

    Here the winter roads are not served. Further is only virgin soil of the tundra.
    Local people have no need for transport communication with Taymyr, and therefore there is neither traffic, nor a road, nor even a direction.
    Occasionally, about once a month, freight transport passes here – some local entrepreneurs sell deer meat and products.
    Luckily, a week ago the KAMAZ went in the direction of Khatanga, and the road is still visible.

    The sun is also absolutely different here. It is not bright, like in a haze, and colors everything around in yellow.

    This is the very boundary between the regions. Administratively, it’s already the Taymyr Peninsula.

    The northern lights.

    A satellite dish provides the crew with the Internet. Admiring the views, they are still waiting for the KAMAZ. But it didn’t come…
    About 300 km to Khatanga and no fuel left.

    Finally Khatanga, the capital of Taymyr. Its population is about 6.000 people. Multi-storey brick buildings, asphalt, lampposts, traffic signs. That’s civilization.

    Machinery in the town is mainly represented by such vehicles.

    The channel becomes narrower.

    But the card somehow passed the river.

    The mountains are in front. It is the foothills of the Putoran’s plateau. The destination point is near.

    At first, small climbs.

    Some traffic.

    Last sunset in the tundra.

    At the finish line.

    The final picture.

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    Re: Polar Expedition along the Tundra

    jesus thats an epic road trip i can imagine the risks are massive but they looked prepared for the job

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