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Thread: My photography site is now live

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    My photography site is now live

    Hi everyone, finally finished putting my site together. If anyone would take a look it would be greatly appreciated, feedback (good or bad) welcome so i can improve it.

    Thanks, Ben

    Ben Connell Photography

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    Re: My photography site is now live

    I'm being really picky here but it’s the detail I'm looking at.

    On the architecture page, Last photo, might be worth cropping the top left part as I can see a black line which breaks your eye away from the symmetry... unless it’s my system at work showing this? Need to check on another..

    Also on this page I'd start with the industrial stairs (silhouette) and then the shutters photo before the others as these personally are more suited to catch the viewers eye.

    All pages which scroll... again it might just be this system, but when scrolling the photos become blocky (if that makes sense) until you stop scrolling... it’s not smooth in other words

    Front page image I’d make a little larger to fill the screen, or maybe center it all as on my 19” monitor it’s lost in all the white background. Possibly use an auto enlarger plugin to fit different size screens?

    Over all love the site matey! nice, fresh and clean design.

    Also dropped you a PM with a good link

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    Re: My photography site is now live

    Thanks for the detailed reply Jon, one of lecturers wasnt keen on the horizontal scrolling due to people not taking each image on its own individual merit. So i will swap that to 1 image at a time. The top left of the telegraph poles is where i have done perspective corrections and altered the crop.

    will have a play this weekend.

    thanks again

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