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Thread: Photography Tips - TV mode

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    Photography Tips - TV mode

    TV Mode or as its otherwise known in the world, "Shutter Prioity" Mode is simply a setting which allows the camera to select the lens aperture to obtain the exposure correctly when taking a photograph.

    You select the shutter speed and the camera selects the aperture - most sports photographers use this setting.

    Its not something I really use unless I feel lazy but its handy for someone who wants full control over the shutter speed, but doesn't quite yet understand about setting the aperture.

    Depending upon what camera you have depends on what settings will be there for you to play around with. Typically 1/4000th of a second is on most cameras with the top end ones having 1/8000th of a secondshutter speeds.

    Shutter Speeds

    1/1600th - looks like the car isn't moving

    1/500th - needs to be a little slower

    1/100th - make sure you focus on the subject and a slower shutter speed will give you background blur

    and then

    2.5 seconds - this is the tricky part

    If you cannot use a tripod/monopod/clamp then you have to hold it without moving or else this happens

    1 second

    So again.... Shutter speeds of 1/500 or faster (1/1000, 1/1500) are excellent for capturing that freeze action moment like birds in flight. When taking photos at sporting events, you want the shutter going as fast as you can get away with, the faster the better, unless you want to give that illusion of speed then you will need to slow it down.

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    Re: Photography Tips - TV mode

    I just want to say you that Always check your equipment use back ups use telephotos more often take human interest photos and behind the scene shots and not just the regular standard shots pictures of her looking at him or the other way around makes a powerful photo shoot...

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