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Thread: Photography Tips (Manual Mode) and the 360 Project

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    Photography Tips (Manual Mode) and the 360 Project

    This might interest a few people on here and some it might not....

    I know a few people have new cameras now and that these cameras have a full manual set up... So here are a few tricks and settings that may come in handy when using this feature...

    Manual mode - In this mode you will have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speeds, aperture's, ISO's, white balance, flash and all the other finer details. It gives you the flexibility to set your shots up as you wish. but you also need to have some idea of what youíre doing in manual mode.

    Manual mode is worth playing with as it will help you understand what you change when messing around with various settings. In manual mode you have to set the Aperture & Shutter setting yourself. If the resulting exposure is wrong, then its all down to you. if itís right then your on to a winner.

    Knowing the right settings comes with experience, and it is not something that can be learnt quickly but with a few practice shots you can have a rough idea of what is correct and what isn't. With experience you will know that on a sunny day, with the camera set to an aperture of f8, that a certain shutter speed will generally give you a decent result but with so many variables to think about, it is a tricky thing to do. This is why digital cameras make it a whole lot easier to experiment as much as you want without worrying about wasting film and money on learning and making mistakes.

    Manual mode involves setting two things before taking a shot, it will take a little bit longer to set the shot up, so if you're after a quick shot then a mode like aperture priority (AV) or shutter priority (TV) might be the better option so you can concentrate more on getting the picture rather than worrying about settings.

    Or.... if you have the time to set the shot up then using manual mode will teach you the most to get the best out of your camera. Set the aperture and shutter speed, take a picture, review it and see if it looks ok. If itís under exposed (too dark) then you might need to slow the shutter speed down a bit or maybe use a wider (smaller number) aperture setting. If itís over exposed (too light) then you will need to do the opposite, speed up the shutter speed or reduce the size of the aperture by choosing a larger aperture value.


    Another way of getting the best out of your camera is by practicing in a way where people can help with your photo taking. The 360 challenge or 52 weeks challenge is a good way of learning about photo taking...

    360 challenge is 1 photo per day for a year
    52 weeks challenge is 1 photo each week for a year

    These can be of anything you like or if your committed then keep to the same theme for the whole project..

    One of the members on here is already doing one and so far so good

    Seedy's 360 Thread - Click here

    Set up a thread HERE with the title "(Your username) - 360 Project" and show us what you produce, Photo critics is the best way to help with the learning, and once you've completed it you can look back on your progress...

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    Re: Photography Tips (Manual Mode) and the 360 Project

    Keep the tips coming. I think I'm going to do some practising before I sign up to that 360 thing but I'll give it a go. I might need to do the 52 thing though as I'm not sure if I have time for 1 a day.

    Very handy tips though as I couldn't figure the aperture and shutter speed out.

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