Hi everyone ,

The screeners always rejected me with OS this reason.It is a big trouble for me to deal with it . And i have seen the Editing Guide in A.net i have to say it is great help for me to follow it.But there is question. After sharpening when i saw some jagged lines in the title , REG number and other areas is good so i do not very clear how to deal with it.The Guide showed that duplicate the background layer and then sharpen then if lines appear use eraser to remove it.The question is here , when i look up for Eraser-tool in my Photoshop CS6 i can find 3 kinds of Eraser . One is Eraser the other is Magic Eraser too and there is a Background Eraser Tool.I don't know which should i choose . And ... i also do not know how to use this eraser to remover the jagged lines.Hope u guys can hlep me with it .I think this is important for me to learn it.

Please help

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