Now of course I understand that most photographers are somewhat biased towards their own work. I'm no different with this shot. In fact, I liked it so much, I actually had an aluminum print made of it, as an example of some of my favorite work.
Also, this shot consisted of 5 shots from 20 seconds, to 11 full minutes, of which much of the info from each of those shots was used, to produce the final product.
Now the thing is, if most of the people judging this shot just didn't like it (which apparently, they didn't) that's fine. But the thing that's really bugging me, is that many of the shots in this challenge, either were not HDR shots at all, OR didn't need to be, as the dynamic range just wasn't there. Several are straight up silhouettes, which "any" modern DSLR can make with one frame !
Some were actually very nice shots, which maybe for a "Best shot of the week" challenge should have done well. But again, could have easily been made from one shot. And in fact, if their were multiple frames taken, then the photographer decided to throw out all the info from the longer and shorter exposures, keeping only info from the middle shot..... and why ? To keep it natural ?

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