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Thread: "Photo studio" light tent?

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    "Photo studio" light tent?

    I've taken a few indoor shots of smallish things, and have been pretty disappointed. For selling on fleabay os here, it's generally been shooting downwards onto a sheet; for my attempts at still life type shots it's usually been onto a table, when I have problems with the background, and getting the lighting right. I usually use old manual film cameras, although the "product shots" are with a Fuji X10. I don't have any lights other than windows and a bit of light cardboard as a reflector. gia xe tai van dongben 2 cho

    So, I was wondering whether one of these light tent thingies that are on the bay would be a good buy, for example this one at Ģ36 plus postage. Includes a 40 or 80 cm cubic tent, a couple of lights on stands (45W energy saving spiral, 5500 K), and a mini tripod (the latter redundant, as I do at least have a tripod). There was another one, slightly smaller and cheaper, with 2800K LED lamps.
    hyundai hd700 đồng vāng

    Are these a good idea, or am I better buying a couple of lights of my own and attempting my own light tent? (Not very handy!)

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    Re: "Photo studio" light tent?

    I have one and they are good for what they are...

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    Re: "Photo studio" light tent?

    These light tents/cubes aren't actually for photography, they're for selling to people who believe in marketing hype...
    Just get yourself one flash head, one softbox and a simple reflector. Add a second flash head if you want the background to be white. The cost will be higher, but so will the quality.

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    Re: "Photo studio" light tent?

    yeah but by the time you build your softbox and place your reflector you've run out of space, these kits are small and compact..

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