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Thread: Photobucket getting harder to use?

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    Photobucket getting harder to use?

    I've been using Photobucket as just that, a bucket to hold my photos for display here and elsewhere, for a few years. This started when flickr would only allow me to show a hundred or so pics in its free mode. By comparison, Photobucket's free mode was pretty well unlimited; there are over a thousand up so far and my free storage is only 17% full.

    Now, I do appreciate that it's free, and that I have to "pay" for that freeness by getting adverts put in front of my attention from time to time. But I wondered if anyone else feels that Photobucket's advert policy is getting so aggressive as to make the site MUCH more annoying, while other features are at the same time making the site much less usable?

    The usability problem is a right pain; I'm finding that when I upload a pic, it's not available to view and find the IMG tags for sharing. I have to go through some weird contortions before I can see it. No consistency, either, except that it's reliably visible by the next day, and sometimes before. As you might imagine, this makes using it to create an image thread on TP very difficult!

    The adverts now include half a dozen of more different types, from banners and sidebars, including some randomly with sound, to full page pop-overs and smaller pop-from-the-side adverts. Some of the adverts are pretty clearly scams of some kind or another that look dangerous.

    So I guess I'm rather thinking of taking my attention span and photos elsewhere!

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    Re: Photobucket getting harder to use?

    I ended up paying for the Flickr Pro as it made sense for the ease and advert free browsing.... Plus with over 30k of photos uploaded on there I can never loose them..

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